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My lovelies! It’s me, Fiona, your KinzPost Courier and answerer-of-letters! I’m back after a little while away (even I need a LITTLE time off) but I’m back to answer more of your questions. To read my previous Fan Mail responses, click HERE. Now, onto the main event!


Hi Fiona,


I post comments on Webkinz Newz when I want to trade with other players, but sometimes they don’t show up! Where do my comments go?


Amelia in California


Howdy, Amelia! Firstly, thanks for participating on our comment boards — what a lively community we have here! I went and asked our Webkinz Newz Moderation Team your question and they responded, “Trading talk and requests for free items will no longer be approved on the Webkinz Newz comment boards. However, we’ve created a special forum JUST for trading talk where anyone can feel free to participate and look for items they want or need, or offer items to others. Go the Forums tab and click “Trading” or click here for a direct link. Keep in mind that forum comments are also moderated by our team, so the same Webkinz Newz Rules and Regulations apply there, too.” Thanks, Moderation Team!


I have a few questions! 1) Where can I send suggestions? 2) Is Amazing World an MMO? 3) I know you can change your pet’s name if it’s inappropriate or contains a secret code, but is there any way to change it if you named it something really REALLY stupid?


– rainelda


Thanks for your question, rainelda! It’s a 3-parter, whew! Here goes…


1) You can leave suggestions in the comment section on any Webkinz Newz article OR, even better, leave it in the Suggestions forum, right HERE. Our creative team reads your suggestions regularly.


2) Amazing World sure IS an MMO! MMO stands for ‘Massively Multiplayer Online game’. It means that when you play, you can run around a whole world where OTHER people are playing live, too! You can chat with people, make friends, play team challenges, decorate your space and more. Plus, we work very hard to make it a safe place for kids to play.


3) I’m really sorry I don’t have a better answer for you, but the truth is… you’re right! We can change usernames if they contain anything inappropriate or a Pet Code, but we cannot change it for any other reason. What’s your favorite pet name you’ve ever come up with?


I need help putting together a vintage room, can someone help me find the right items?


– bluemonkey


This is where the fantastic Webkinz Newz community comes in! Can anyone help out bluemonkey with some great item ideas for a vintage room? Plus, if you’re ever looking for room decorating inspiration, Michael Webkinz’s Let’s Build videos are a great start!


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76 Responses to Fan Mail with Fiona

  1. lexi5338 says:

    hello Fiona Feathers! :) In Webkinz World, are we ever going to see vacation Island again?

  2. lizzyfrogface1 says:

    Fiona, I really would like my daughter to be able to delete her rooms she has over a hundred and its too frustrating for her. I think webkinz should add a button on the room area, so kids are allowed to delete rooms. When they delete a room their furniture should be sent to their dock, and if a pet is in a room they should be sent to a different room. I really would like to see this happen. -Thanks, Lizzyfrogface1

  3. fandoms123 says:

    I have 2 questions, if you don’t mind answering them for me. 1) What was the November 2012 Pet of the Month? and 2) What was the first ever Webkinz?

  4. Dueby101 says:

    Hey, Fiona, I have a question. Whenever I go to Quizzy’s, my pet says something about how we’re on the overall high score list, but there’s no longer the trophy to click on to see the overall high scores. How can I access this list? I really want to see where I am on it!

  5. lonyvic says:

    Dear Fiona, I know the furry friends at Webkinz sent me a letter in real life, but I was hoping that you could answer it on here! Because I sent it a month and a half ago and you haven’t answered yet! Please answer it!

  6. loveycow5 says:

    how do you send a letter?

  7. shuggylay says:

    Wah! I wish I could change some of my pet’s names.

  8. princessaurora23 says:

    how do you make friends at webkinz? what i mean is, how do get people to say yes

  9. rainelda says:

    Wow you guys actually answered my questions! thank you so much! :D

  10. 1Eeyore says:

    To bluemonkey, Although webkinz does not have many vintage items the Country theme does have an “Antique ice box”fridge and a “Antique iron stove” I hope this helps i let you know if i find anything else.

    • 1Eeyore says:

      Or are you thinking vintage as in 50s in which case some of the diner theme might work for you.:)

    • Emerald1 says:

      There’s also an antique toilet & bathroom sink for Kinzcash in the WShop. In the game Jumbleberry Fields some of the prizes are old fashioned kitchen appliances & accessories. The Rainbow Retro Room theme isn’t in the WShop right now but will probably be back soon, it has a great 1940′s look. And if you want to get REALLY retro, collect the Medieval rare theme from the Curio Shop. Have fun!

      • Emerald1 says:

        Depending on what you want to do, there are even some furniture pieces in the Spree game prizes that could be used for a vintage room, the Golden Sink etc. Hope this helps!

        • Emerald1 says:

          Just thought of another one. Look for Birthstone Lamp floaty clickies on Webkinz Newz, they are beautiful, look antique & are animated (they light up).

          • Emerald1 says:

            Finally, save your Wish Tokens & visit the Wish Factory for an old-fashioned School House Desk, Antique Wishing Well or Medieval Canopy Tent and Torch. The Riding the Rails train vehicle in there looks antique as well. Okay, this has inspired me. Going to work on my Vintage rooms now!

          • Emerald1 says:

            Forgot to add the Victorian Garden rare theme in the Curio Shop, nd the Antique Lamp Post at the Wish Factory. The Antique Carved Desk, Wild West Wardrobe & really anything in that theme (Country) in the WShop might work too. Can anyone think of anything else?

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