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Hello my lovelies! It is I, Fiona Feathers, your humble KinzPost Courier, and I’m here to answer more of your questions! You can find my previous answers here. Let’s dive in!


Fiona, when can we see more quizzes? And I really miss Treasure Hunt on Ganzworld?


– natalie13


We do appreciate when you wonderful folk write in and tell us what you miss or would like to see on Webkinz Newz! I’ll share your suggestions with the creative team, my friend!


I have a Bloomin’ Desk Lamp but it’s not in my dock because it’s stuck in a room. The lamp looks like it’s there but it’s not; my pets can walk over it and I can place furniture over it but it still shows as there. Can it be put back in my Dock?


– 1Eeyore


Sorry to hear you’re having trouble with the pesky lamp, 1Eeyore! When a little oopsie like this happens, your first stop should be the Webkinz Customer Support team. You can report your stuck item by submitting a ticket here OR you can email the team at If you email, be sure to describe your issue with the most detail possible and include your username!


Hello Fiona! I am kind of new to KinzChat Plus but I don’t really have any friends mostly because I am kinda shy to go up and say hi to people in the clubhouse… Do you have any suggestions?




I sure do! Firstly, don’t be afraid to say hello to fellow Webkinz players in the Clubhouse, as many are quite friendly! If you do encounter someone breaking the rules of conduct in the Clubhouse (like being rude or inappropriate), be sure to report them immediately. Here’s how. Also, Webkinz Newz is a great place to meet and friend fellow players. My three pieces of advice? Be careful with whom you share your username, NEVER give out your password, and change your password frequently. Once you’ve made these new friends, however, why not meet up in KinzChat Plus as a group? I’m sure you’ll meet lots of fun folks that way! Stay friendly and welcoming to others, and friendships will surely follow.


Want to write to Webkinz? Send your letters to:


60 Industrial Parkway
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37 Responses to Fan Mail with Fiona

  1. lillexy32 says:

    Hi Fiona, i wanted to suggest that Webkinz could make some alternative ways to be a deluxe member other than paying each month. Some people cant afford it and its not fair, especially to the people who have been playing for many years and now suddenly cant do the things we had such fun doing before. Maybe it could be offered as a reward for being a member for a certain amount of time, or having a certain amount of pets, or you could save up and pay for it in kinzcash. thanks, lillexy32

  2. thorne says:

    what are the floor puzzle pieces????

  3. alaska267 says:

    Dear Fiona, Why are Webkinz dragons flightless? It makes no sense to me. They have wings, so why can’t they fly?

  4. Uno8schroo says:

    And thank you soooooooooooooo much for the advice Fiona!!!! :D I can’t wait to try this out next time I got into the kinzchat plus! (I was not expecting a response lol.)

  5. chubba95 says:

    I just want to thank Ganz for a great 10th anniversary party. The gifts were great and all the special activities over the past year have been wonderful. Thank you, thank you for all the fun. Keep it coming!!

  6. rebeccakadlec says:

    Fiona, what was the first ever pet Webkinz????? I know that there were 8 pets that were first but was there actually a first pet that GANZ came up with???? Please Read This Fiona!

  7. minniemouse76 says:

    my pet is sick. With doc. Quack gone how am i suppose to get medicine for my pet

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