February Deluxe Day is TODAY!


Another Deluxe Day has arrived!


Once again, Deluxe Members can log in TODAY, Sunday, February 11th, and visit Today’s Activities in order to receive a special prize: a Snowy Cabin! Also on the Today’s Activity schedule, there’s an entire day of fun and activities for Deluxe Members to enjoy!



If you’d like to join in on the fun and prizes, have a parent visit the Ganz eStore to upgrade your account!


78 Responses to February Deluxe Day is TODAY!

  1. wilddfire says:

    Thank You 1Emerald1., and by the way LuckyFinnigan I like my rocks too! lol

  2. wilddfire says:

    I feel really bad about all the bad comments, as I think I started it all., with that said I need to apologize to Ganz. I didn’t mean to start an all out war or seem ungrateful for our prize. I know you don’t have to give us one. I was just very disappointed. I’m very sorry about all the bad comments you all do a very wonderful job at Ganz and I love webkinz or i wouldn’t play! Please accept my apologies and keep up the good work. next time I’m disappointed I’ll just keep my comments to myself.

    • 1Emerald1 says:

      Don’t put this on yourself, wilddfire. Every person makes their own decision of what to post online. And everyone gets to have an opinion. We don’t have to agree, we just need to be civil when we disagree and you have no problem there, so chill, you’re good.

  3. julieperkins says:

    oh and I loved my rocks lol

  4. julieperkins says:

    I so so agree with you LuckyFinnigan

  5. LuckyFinnigan says:

    You know? One of the funniest gifts I’ve ever gotten from Ganz was ROCKS. Last year we were all sooo excited about collecting all these rocks for our rooms… ROCKS! I don’t know why it was so exciting winning each level and getting more rocks, but hey … I was winning ROCKS. It’s all a matter of the value you’ve placed on something. Look at the beautiful rooms made from those rocks. Likewise this cabin will make some gorgeous rooms and who knows? Maybe someone will show us something Really new (like 50-ish teaching us how to take pictures of our pets outfits while in a two-legged standing position) that’s the great thing about Webkinz, Ganz works HARD to keep it fresh!

    • animalsmatter1 says:

      Well said, LuckyFinnigan. (lol about the rocks; I know right? Who would have ever thought those rocks would end up becoming so many superb creations for Michael’s Room Design Showcase!) While we’re on the subject of gifts, I keep meaning to post about the “Mystery Gift” on Today’s Activities. I’ve really been enjoying that; it’s so much fun to get a total surprise once in awhile. My pets have received some neat stuff, too: cute shoes, an adorable bed, and even Dr. Quack’s Miracle Tonic (I love that stuff!) So thank you for that, Ganz!

    • greencar says:

      One of my favorite things to do is collecting trash in the park! lol Rocks and trash?? Who knew that could make a person happy and be so much fun!

      • LuckyFinnigan says:

        Oh For sure!! It’s hard to believe that the most mundane things can be fun. But we’re here, testifyin’ Poor Charlie Brown, if he had only played Webkinz he’d have been thrilled with what was in his treat bag, LOL

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