Find A Freaky Forest On Webkinz Mobile!


The Freaky Forest room theme is back, but here’s the catch: it’s only be available from the Webkinz mobile app. Players who are brave enough to bring home this terrifying room theme will find it in the Mobile Zone section of the mobile W-Shop:



The Freaky Forest room theme will be removed from the Mobile Zone midnight, October 31st (EST), so make sure you grab it before it’s gone!



Download the Webkinz Mobile app to shop, decorate your pet’s rooms, play games, dress and feed your pets on the go! Also, check out the Mobile Zone section of the W-Shop on Webkinz Mobile for items that you won’t find anywhere else!


The Webkinz Mobile app is available for FREE at the App Store* and the Google Play Store**


What’s your favorite thing about the Webkinz mobile app? Let us know by leaving a comment in the section below…


39 Responses to Find A Freaky Forest On Webkinz Mobile!

  1. Goodluckwolfie says:

    If you want some of these items that are for regular players but don’t have access to the app, please list your Webkinz username below and I will send you some of the items after I add you when I have time.

  2. KarenaJ says:

    I love this theme so much. I have it across six rooms already, 2 outdoor, 1 underwater “swamp”, my haunted library, spells bed and breakfast, also a creepy cave room and maybe more to come. Did I mention I love this theme? The windmill and road signs are awesome with it!!

  3. nitelite says:

    sorry webkinz. I’m sad that this is what i get on mobile app, it just seems there has been tooo many times it was offered or maybe i just buy tooo much.wish there was some new mobile also

    • megamom12 says:

      Do keep in mind that there are always new players who have not as of yet had a chance to get some of these items. Also be aware that some of the much older items are retired. I do admit that I would like to have some of the much older Halloween items as well as I was not playing on Webkinz when my grandchildren first started and they have some really fun items that were pulled before I started. (Like the Jack-O-Lantern furniture) If you have all of the costume sets that are offered, perhaps you could come up with some new ones using the pieces from the Outlet and/or the Curio Shop. Seeing as you have Deluxe accounts, there are a few pieces from Sheldon’s that you could also add to your possibilities. I for one would love to see what you might come up with.

    • dixiecup says:

      I am sure you are aware that they have a deadline looming before 2020 when flash will no longer be operable. Would you rather they focus on fixes for items and have them work for a short time? Or would it be more prudent to focus their energy on making the game playable for years to come. They will fix the items as they can get to them. I noticed that whenever there is an update, something that wasn’t working before, suddenly works! My Gazelle Trampoline was non functional for a long time, then one day BOING!!!! There was my pet up in the air! They ARE working on these items, just because we don’t see them doing it, doesn’t mean they aren’t. At this juncture, I would like to add my thanks for all the hard work the creative team and their third party are doing to get us up and running. You ARE appreciated by those of us who know how in depth you must have to dig to restructure, revise, modify, move over and totally rebuild items we all love. Thank you for your tireless re-programming and dedication to this endeavour. We DO appreciate you and all your hard work. Signed: one of your Biggest Rah-Rah’s, Dixiecup

  4. ramos4589 says:

    is any of it deluxe???

  5. tabaca says:

    unfair I dont have moble..this is unfair

    • ramos4589 says:

      do u have any devices??

      • rainelda says:

        Not everyone has a phone, I don’t own one (but I use my grandmas Ipad sometimes when I visit the nursing home). That’s why I think its unfair that its for mobile players only. Its sad kids nowadays do own phones, I remember even 5 years ago that was uncommon.

        • TaffyKitty12 says:

          I will admit, it can be a bit ridiculous that some kids get phones so early nowadays (I know some very young children that have phones, which I honestly don’t get), but for some kids, they can be/are a necessity. For instance, I know a young hearing impaired girl who has a phone. She can’t speak well, so texting is a good way for her to talk with her family and friends, and it also helps her in case of emergency. I didn’t get my own phone until a few years ago, but I didn’t beg my parents for it like some kids– rather, they thought I needed it. My best friend lives far, far away, and the only way for me to really stay in contact with her is via phone. Otherwise, I’d only get to talk to her once or twice a year. Also, I use it to contact my parents whenever I have to be dropped off somewhere, for instance, since I have some anxiety and want to be able to contact them in case something goes wrong. There have been a couple indaynces in my life where, if I didn’t have my phone on me, I would’ve gone into complete panic mode. Not every case is the same, and some instances of kids getting phones can be a bit silly, but for others, they are an important asset…

          • TaffyKitty12 says:

            … I do get what you’re saying, though! It’s incredible how this new technology has gotten into the hands of so many, even at such a young age. However, with all this being said (I apologize for the lengthy post!), I’d be more than happy to send you some pieces of the Freaky Forest theme, if you’d like! :) I have plenty to spare, and would be happy to share! ^-^

    • Mustanggirl514 says:

      What items do you want from this theme I can get you certain ones if you want?

    • andersonja says:

      Would you like me to send you some stuff?

    • dixiecup says:

      While it seems that way, there is ALSO a magnificent trade forum, right here! You really should check it out. So many very generous people will offer up items they’ve collected because they know it will bring others joy to have them. Slip over to the Forums tab, here and check it out. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised and it might renew your trust in Webkinz/Ganz and how they wish to interact positively with their users.

  6. KSC says:

    This is such a cool theme!

  7. grannyjany says:

    When will the article explaining the goblins events be posted? Also, I’m wondering will the floating pouches be available on mobile? My favorite thing about the mobile app is that we can catch floaty-clickies on our tablet and multi-task.

  8. Beckinz8 says:

    This theme is great, and I keep picking up more pieces, because I’m never sure how many of each thing I will need for future room designs! I love the special things you can purchase at the Wshop in the mobile app! I also find it easier to dress my pets for some reason. I need to clean out my dock though, because by the time I’ve swiped over far enough on my tablet screen to fulfill some pet requests, my pet has given up hope and gotten sad. :/ Maybe a search bar would help? Thank you for continuing to add more games to mobile – I’m loving Tile Towers!!

    • dixiecup says:

      Beckinz8? My dock is an adventure in itself! My what wonders I’ve uncovered in the 11+ years I’ve played here (HOW DID THAT GET THERE?) when my pet asks for an item it is usually a cheap item, so I’ll just go buy it…. maybe that’s how those items wind up in there LOL

      • Beckinz8 says:

        LOLOLOLOL!!!! XD ~dixiecup, I find myself doing the same thing sometimes, particularly for food, because I need to tackle the huge undertaking of storing all of my collectible food. Hopefully soon! (Between Halloween and Christmas, for sure!) And 11+ years!?! Mega-congrats!! I’ve been playing for 5, and there are so many changes I’ve seen just since I started. I can’t imagine what it’s like for you!

  9. alucard says:

    Love this Freaky Forest Theme! Thanks for bring it back and putting it on Mobile. :-)

  10. SugarP says:

    But I don’t have a phone.

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