Find Out Which Themes You’ll Be Voting For!

Hello again Webkinz Newz readers, Ella McWoof here with a special report!


From Thursday, March 16th to noon March 17th (EST), you’ll be able to vote for a new room theme to be added to the W-Shop! Michael and Mandy Webkinz revealed the first three themes you’ll have to choose from on their podcast. The fourth theme was chosen from suggestions left by players in the comments section of the podcast, and I am please to announce that ShanTilley’s Party room theme was chosen as the 4th theme you’ll get to vote for.


Look over each concept drawing carefully because once the winning theme has been decided, the concept drawing will be used as inspiration for the rest of the items that will be included in the theme.


the first theme you can vote for is the Webkinz 3000 theme. This would be a futuristic room theme and would include items that you would find in a Kinzville home 1000 years from now:



Next up is the Rainbow room theme. This theme would feature colors of the rainbow with cloud patterns. The idea for the chair featured in the concept drawing below is that it would actually change colors when you rotate it in room:



The third theme you’ll be able to vote for is the Big City Loft room theme. This theme would have exposed brick walls and feel like an industrial space with modern furniture and metallic highlights:



Finally, here’s a first look at the concept drawing for a chair that would be included in the Party Time! room theme. This theme would look like modern furniture that has been decorated for a birthday party. Congratulations to ShanTilley for their winning suggestion:



Don’t forget to vote for your favorite room theme from March 16th – March 17th (ending at noon). When you vote, 50 KinzCash will be added to your account! Click on the Room Theme Vote article that will be posted on March 16th to cast your vote!


The winning theme will be released in the W-Shop on May 10 but, we’ll be posting concept drawings as the items are being created so stay tuned to Webkinz Newz for sneak peeks of the new theme.


Which theme do you want to win? Please leave your comments below… This has been Ella McWoof reporting for Webkinz Newz!


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  1. lighting2102 says:


  2. robinroyal says:

    I was so busy with the St. Patrick’s Day events, I didn’t make it to the Newz for a few days. So I didn’t see this in time to vote. It’s not a bad thing that there is so much to do on Webkinz. Besides, it’s hard to make a decision based on one just a chair. If I had voted, though, I’d probably have chosen the rainbow. I love the cloud arm rests and the color options. Also I think it would mix well with other furniture in case I didn’t like the whole theme.

  3. ebbe9443 says:

    big city loft

  4. milkycreme says:

    I *really* hope it wont be another estore points exclusive.. but i vote rainbow!! it would go so well with the artsy theme

  5. faithking45 says:

    Definitely Webkinz 3000

  6. LiveLaxLove333 says:

    Big City Loft

  7. EmeraldCity says:


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