Find The Apple Ads!

The Apple Picking Event is on now, when you can find floating apples in Webkinz World!


And from September 8 to 10, you have a chance to win even more apple prizes! Look around Webkinz World to find the ads with the apples to win some Apple Farmer clothing pieces!


It’s simple. Just look for these ads around Webkinz World and click on them. You’ll be taken to a page on Webkinz Newz with a Community Code that you can enter at the Code Shop on to redeem your prize. Codes award one prize per Webkinz World account and expire at midnight EST on October 31, 2017.


There is a different ad to find each day.


On September 8, look for the ad with the Apple Farmer’s overalls:

On September 9, look for the ad with the Apple Farmer’s shoes:

On September 10, look for the ad with the Apple Farmer’s dress:

Good luck!

64 Responses to Find The Apple Ads!

  1. KICAVE says:

    if we can’t share codes here could you please tell us how we can contact other players to swap with them?

  2. cowtown2 says:

    I put overalls code on but it wouldn’t show they may not let us share, ill try again I never seen the shoes but it came on and I clicked it it disappeared, so fast, not enough time to get it, I was so mad, I think I will stop the adds, I have no look and they make me get to upset, Saturday was a bad at, I hope everyone has a good night, maybe will get a chance again next year, at a floaty thing,

  3. rockhop7 says:

    Are we allowed to share codes here in order to help others?

  4. rivertoo says:

    I found what I thought was the shoe add but it showed up as dress when I copied the screen shot.

  5. claspling68 says:

    have the code for shoes but can’t read it and says its wrong. someone please help. other 2 codes are okay

  6. Rockerzworld says:

    Can someone please share the code for the boy’s outfit and the shoes? Today is my first day back in years and I only got the dress. Please share. Thank you!

  7. sewnina says:

    never saw the shoes

  8. cowtown2 says:

    Found it to. Fast mad now I missed it

  9. cowtown2 says:

    No shoe add mot yet today is almost over anyone seen it at all the pants was easy

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