SNEAK PEEK: Apple Picking!

Get ready to pick apples from September 9 – 16. Look for the floating apple in Webkinz World and click it to get one of this year’s apple picking prizes! Collect up to 3 apples per day — 5, if you’re Deluxe!

What prize are you most looking forward to collecting? Tell us in the comments below.

73 Responses to SNEAK PEEK: Apple Picking!

  1. dolly7girls says:

    For these prizes, I would spend time being on Webkinz looking for apples. They are only virtual, so pick up the pace Ganz. Totally not worth it.

  2. wrenhouse says:

    i found an apple but my screen froze

  3. kmac8787 says:

    I’m wondering if you have to be in a special place in Webkinz to find the apples. I have been on my account for an hour and have NOT seen one apple. Very frustrating.

    • gallifrey9 says:

      no idea…was in for literally HOURS, some are not currently active accounts so their ads are automatically shut off by ganz, checked my active accounts, all of them have okay-ed ads, went through 2 asians, 1 brit, 11 american accounts {not all of the accounts just the ones have been using lately, there are about another dozen or so additional} and NOT even ONE apple floaty, EVER, after HOURS of being online, as usual their ‘programming’ totally doesn’t work

    • amh1018013 says:

      I am on for almost one hour also and see one apple in the Magical Forest, don’t get any in my rooms and this is on three accounts. Not sure where they are hiding them.

  4. roseofoldvelvet says:

    I love the new green apple clothes. I hope to get the red apple ones in the adds this weekend. I hope next year there will be golden apple outfits. Golden delicious is my favorite apple.

  5. cowtown2 says:

    the bowl of apples is a decoration item you can place on a counter or a table

  6. rainyukl says:

    I hope I get the clothes :)

  7. stripes410 says:

    I love the new outfits. I hope there will be apple tree seeds again.

  8. cowtown2 says:

    yes puppies4me great ideal they would look great in my daisy diner ooo ideals I love the baker thing the flour and rolling pin set with the apples and a pie on a table or in a kitchen and the muffins and the cupcake pan to a bakery thought I would tell everyone I think they retired the muffin though but they are still pies, apple pie from video and berry collecting in a jar, cupcakes win you log out or log in prize, and also, thank you ganz for the piggy plum pie I was only able to get a slice, couldn’t afford the whole pie to sad, or the piggy pie tree, ok not going to cry can you bring it back someday, cause I did get my bookshelves today thank you I can afford them now, when I play this on my phone my money doesn’t get added I use computer watch your money gets added I played tree days no money added cant get it back no way to track it that’s sad, maybe you an fix this in future ganz, the accounts on here or maybe let us earn more money because somethings do happen and we cant earn what we want even if we play everyday, so thank you for bring them back, hint hint,

  9. perfect29_backup says:

    Is the basket of apples a food item or a decoration item that looks like food?

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