Find The Apple Ads!

The Apple Picking Event is on now, when you can find floating apples in Webkinz World!


And from September 8 to 10, you have a chance to win even more apple prizes! Look around Webkinz World to find the ads with the apples to win some Apple Farmer clothing pieces!


It’s simple. Just look for these ads around Webkinz World and click on them. You’ll be taken to a page on Webkinz Newz with a Community Code that you can enter at the Code Shop on to redeem your prize. Codes award one prize per Webkinz World account and expire at midnight EST on October 31, 2017.


There is a different ad to find each day.


On September 8, look for the ad with the Apple Farmer’s overalls:

On September 9, look for the ad with the Apple Farmer’s shoes:

On September 10, look for the ad with the Apple Farmer’s dress:

Good luck!

64 Responses to Find The Apple Ads!

  1. rockhop7 says:

    I found today’s code no problem but never found yesterdays… :(

  2. Sugarcookie9 says:

    I keep my adblock on – no exceptions because there are ads that won’t let me login and will not go away unless they are clicked on or blocked on the login screen. Maybe when webkinz removes the invasive, obnoxious full page and video ads I might play with ads on. Another reason I keep ads off is because of the risk of malicious scripts in the 3rd party ad vendors’ ads. Another thing is the refresh rate for the ads is too fast. You might want to slow it down to reduce lag. :)

  3. 1955tiny says:

    1 ITEM in Fall Fest Soda is MISSING ;) !! IT is AWESOME quite a GREAT SURPRISE !!!

  4. MysticKH says:

    Is anyone having issues with the ads being the same no matter which page you are on?

    • Alphaowlbear says:

      It’s a different ad every day. Today is just the overalls ad, Saturday is just the shoes ad, and Sunday is just the dress.

    • Beckinz8 says:

      Hi ~MysticKH! I’m not sure, but you might have the computer ad blocker turned on. Whenever I do, I see the same two Webkinz ads on every page. As far as I know this is an “Ads on” activity so you will need to have your ad blocker turned off while playing WW for the next three days if you want to find the ads with the apple farmer clothing pieces. If you are not sure how to turn off your ad blocker for this activity, ask someone in your family to help you. Wishing you the best of luck!!

    • 1955tiny says:

      IF every ad on the page stay the same and do not change. Then your AD BLOCKER probalby is on. I have Ad blocker on my Chrome . W hen I use Fire Fox my blocker is off so ad’s change. This just saves so VERY MUCH time ! GL

  5. cottoncandykayla says:

    I am really excited to start!

  6. cowtown2 says:

    not sure I remember the hats but if you have a hat from berry collection in jungleberry the straw hat or the headband with fall leaves or the cave hats from the cave explorer collection will match I think, but yes hint hint hats,

  7. kin2832 says:

    Awesome!!!:) Love these!!!:) Thanks Ganz!:)

  8. animalsmatter1 says:

    Thanks for the chance to get the adorable apple outifts, Ganz. I love the ad events; so much fun. Fall in Webkinz World is the best!

  9. perfect29_backup says:

    this is cool! if you had webkinz that were like twins, you could have one wear the red apple farmer stuff and the other wear the green ones! however I know when they did this with the campkinz thing earlier this year, lots of people said they never found the ads.

  10. animalmomkls says:

    Wonderful news! It’s like you read my mind, because I wasn’t playing last year and I’m so excited now to try and get such adorable outfits. I will be looking all weekend for these ads. Thank you so much! Hmm now about those cute matching hats from last year, I hope you can find a way for them to show up too. Hint Hint! : )

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