Leprechauns Found! Winners Announced

The correct answer was 20 sneaky little Leprechaun Plushies hidden in this room!


Congrats to 0bella0, sheepgame88, amelia1321, julieperkins, doggygirl119, mamadodge, arky1844, sparklealexa, sharronmarie and meema172, our random winners. They’ve each been emailed a Feature Code for a Leprechaun Plushie at the email address associated to their GanzWorld accounts.







How many Leprechaun Plushies do you see in this picture? Look carefully – they can be pretty sneaky!


Write the correct answer in the comments below by 9am tomorrow morning, March 17, 2017, to be entered into a random draw to win one of ten virtual Leprechaun Plushies!


Good luck!!!

945 Responses to Leprechauns Found! Winners Announced

  1. Prettypikachu says:

    I only found 18, but I had already won a Leprechaun Plushie from the Wheel of Deluxe, while I was still a member… so there were others that deserved it more than me! Congrats, winners, and enjoy your new plushies! <3

    • Prettypikachu says:

      The winners being: 0bella0, sheepgame88, amelia1321, julieperkins, doggygirl119, mamadodge, arky1844, sparklealexa, sharronmarie and meema172… I hope you enjoy your new squishy, cute plushies! (Awww, I wish they were real so I could squish them to my heart’s content…)

  2. 0bella0 says:

    Oh wow!! Yay! I’ve never won anything before, thank you so much!! Congrats to the rest of the plushy winners as well! I hope everyone had a wonderful St. Patrick’s day, now I am looking forward to all of the spring and Easter events to come :) and of course, Webkinz Day too!

  3. catdog9 says:

    I wish I got it I have a plushie collection but congrats to the winners

  4. zeusfist says:

    Congrats to all the winners and to trexjt2013 on the e-store points win. Sally Webkinz – would it be possible to post the picture with the leprechauns circled? – I only found 18 and would love to know where those other 2 were hiding! Thanks for a fun “extra”

    • Alphaowlbear says:

      Yes, please post a pic with the leprechauns circled. I’ve searched a long time for the one I missed with no success.

    • Twistersmom says:

      I don’t know which two you missed but I will name three that are hide the best. 1) Look at the pot of gold with the rainbow coming out, just above the leprechaun statues hat you can see his foot and arm. 2) Look at the column where the frog is coming in, next to it is a table that looks like a tree stump there are some purple-ish pink flower just above it, just above that you will see the hat of another leprechaun. 3) This was the hardest one for me. Look at the tree with the pink flowers on the left under side of it touching the flowers in the tree you can see the feet and a armof the leprechaun. I don’t know if any of those were the ones you missed.

  5. huggablehoneys4ever says:

    Congrats!! I saw 20 too. But I won a leprechaun plushie today on Twitter B)

  6. wintercrush says:

    Congrats to all the winners!

  7. ImaPepper says:

    Congratulations to everyone who won–the plushes are so cute. This was a fun contest; will there be more like it? (please?)

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