Free Cherry Fairy ends January 31, 2022!


Just a reminder that players who purchase a One Year Deluxe Webkinz Classic Membership from January 1 to 31 will receive an adorable Cherry Fairy! This is your last chance to get this sweet buddy!



The Cherry Fairy by the beautiful new Cherry Blossom Pond designed by player Oceansunsets8, the Super Deluxe Item for 2022. Every one year Deluxe Webkinz Classic Membership purchased in 2022 comes with this beautiful item!


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17 Responses to Free Cherry Fairy ends January 31, 2022!

  1. TezrasCircus says:

    Sorry I can’t get her I’m already Deluxe and I can’t afford to upgrade again at this time. She really cute.

  2. unikitty11_ says:

    Hi Ganz Estore! I need help. I just purchased a Deluxe Membership today and I did NOT receive my Deluxe Membership Code, Cherry Fairy, Pot Bellied Piglet, 5000 Estore Points, and the Cherry Blossom Pond. I’m sad I did not receive a code for these or the Estore Points. Although, I still had an active Deluxe Membership when I bought this, and it doesn’t expire to February 11, 2022, so It doesn’t expire till next month. But I still don’t understand why I did not receive the items I was supposed to receive? Any help would be great.

  3. genren1 says:

    Incentive to purchase an additional membership when mine ends this year! I love cherry blossoms.

  4. megamom12 says:

    With the half price sale, I actually splurged and got the Deluxe on my second account. (nanamama12) I’m so glad that I did as I really like this beautiful buddy.

  5. Alphaowlbear says:

    I love the new Cherry Blossom Pond – I bought a membership at half off on New Years Day but I still have 5 weeks before I can activate it. I do wish the Pet Buddies could be traded or gifted to another player, though.

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