Free Deluxe Preview Week for All Members!



Webkinz has some exciting news for Free and Full players! We’re excited to announce that we are kicking off Spring Break this year with a special treat!


From March 17 to 23, 2020 Webkinz is offering a FREE Deluxe Preview Week! For one week, all members will enjoy the benefits of Deluxe membership!


Get a feel for Deluxe with:

-        Deluxe Only Games!

-        The ability to buy Deluxe items in the W-Shop!

-        Access to exclusive areas like Vacation Island, the Magical Forest and Zumwhere!

-        EStore exclusives & discounts!

-        Bonus classes!

-        More jobs!

-        Unlimited Questions at Quizzy’s, Signature Safari and Discovery Zone!


*Free players will not have access to KinzChat PLUS, Trading Rooms, sending items through KinzPost, adding rooms to the house or the ability to turn off ads during a Deluxe Preview. Monthly Gift Boxes and eStore points will not be awarded to all non-Deluxe players during the Preview.



Full Members:


Don’t worry -

If you are already a FULL member, you will continue to enjoy all the benefits of Full Membership PLUS Deluxe Membership during this period!


Deluxe Members:


To show our appreciation for your continued loyalty, on the next Deluxe Day, April 11, 2020 you can get a bonus gift of Melting Chocolate Wallpaper by visiting Today’s Activities which can be accessed through the Thing To Do menu. Look for the Melting Chocolate Wallpaper and click on it to have it added to your Dock. Please note: this item is non-tradeable/non-sellable/non-sendable.



Just one more way to let our players know how much we appreciate you!


So fab. So fun.


72 Responses to Free Deluxe Preview Week for All Members!


    I can’t believe I missed St. Patricks day here on webkinz, my family was stuck in Dublin, I was on the phone trying to get them home. This Holiday is big in our family as my Twins birthday is on St. Patty’s day, True Irish twins!

  2. micchuml says:

    Had to submit an email to Ganz because all my kinzcash bundles DISAPPEARED from my dock…of course, right when Deluxe week started! So broke.

  3. megamom12 says:

    I’m going to be doing a lot of shopping on the non-deluxe accounts this week! Rooms are getting filled out and Polly will see a lot of me for the clothes!

  4. ChocolateLogic says:

    Was able to finish the Deluxe Challenge for both accounts in the first day! Already went clothes shopping- next up, decorating! Be sure to visit Vacation Island and spin the Wheel of Wishes, everyone!

    • Chiny says:

      I’ve done the same, the Deluxe Challenges, as well as the other Challenges that require things I don’t have access to (some of the jobs, games and Kinzville Academy). I’m trying to remember to click on all the Deluxe daily activities and just remembered Vacation Island last night, bought some cool souvenirs from Sheldon! I’ve missed seeing him. Have received a couple of wish tokens, too, yay. Remember to spin the Wheel of Deluxe, also. Enjoy this special preview non-Deluxe members. Hoping they offer a fantastic membership sale at the end. Webkinz is great for social distancing!

  5. babytwinkleavfk says:

    Thank you so much! I love you Mayor Sophie

  6. szivarvany5 says:

    Does anyone have an extra white magic mint smoothie they can send me? Thank you!

  7. FRENCHGIRL says:

    First day of the deluxe preview and MANY players are unable to log in . Facebook is buzzing about this. I have attempted on the three availanble platforms (mobile, the original online way, and the desktop app) “I am sorry, we can’t connect to Webkinz World…” (that was on the mobile app just now) Desktop app gets as far as a blue screen with seeing the log out gear button etc but that’s it and the log out button doesn’t work. I have to shut down with task manager.

  8. 1Emerald1 says:

    Thank you Ganz, this could not be more well-timed.

  9. Alphaowlbear says:

    Full Status players who are enjoying the free deluxe week can do this month’s Deluxe Challenge and win the nice new shower and comfy robe. Don’t forget to do the extra class at Kinzville Academy for the challenge. Have fun, everyone!

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