GAME OF THE DAY Weekly Schedule Listings: August 14th – 20th!


Welcome to our weekly feature, listing the GAME OF THE DAY in the Webkinz World Arcade each week!



When a game is featured as the GAME OF THE DAY in the Arcade (on web and the desktop app ONLY) that means it’s available for EVERYONE to play, even if it’s normally for Deluxe Members only!


The Game of the Day also awards BONUS KINZCASH, so if you’ve been waiting to a play a specific game, there’s no better time to play!


Here’s a look at the schedule for the week of August 14th until August 20th:




Which games are YOU most excited to see on the GAME OF THE DAY schedule? Let us know in the comments below!


12 Responses to GAME OF THE DAY Weekly Schedule Listings: August 14th – 20th!

  1. Tomaycia says:


  2. ArcanineEspeon says:

    Wow, I have NEVER seen Zingoz Extreme as the game of the day before!! Aaaaanndd…………it’s the game of the day on the one day I don’t log in all day because I was distracted by Webkinz Newz during the last 5 minutes of the day.

  3. ojibwa says:

    Isn’t Cash Cow everyone’s favorite? I love it!

  4. starbrite1 says:

    Awesome! I love polar plunge! :D But I also didn’t know that operation gumball is still a game in the arcade, I will be looking for it!

  5. Deeapetro says:

    Hey guys! Not really related to this article but I still want to address an issue. I’m having big problems with the class Strength at the Academy. In the past I’ve managed to level up without any problems but now when I play my clicks are not recognised all the time and I keep failing the class. I even bought a new mouse but still the same. Is anyone else having this issue? Is it fixable? Strength was one of my favourite classes and I hope that it will be solved.

    • mhrd19 says:

      I do not play that class, so I do not know.

    • Boneleg says:

      It’s been that way for so so long. Did it start after you got up to a certain level, perhaps 9? I can’t pass level 9. I haven’t been able to for a couple of years now. I actually just kind of gave up… :P It was the last thing I needed to get my diploma. I passed everything else.

    • ArcanineEspeon says:

      I have that same issue on the desktop version, but not the browser version. They were going to come out with a new desktop app before 2021 so I’m hoping that’ll be a top priority to fix.

      • noodle22 says:

        Yeah I find that to be my same issue, I’m worried for when flash is no longer supported on browsers that I will never be able to finish it, I really hope they fix it when the new version comes out.

    • kaiapolarbear says:

      I also used to find the strength class really easy. Not sure if it’s the issue, but I used to use my laptop mouse keypad, but since my buttons on that won’t work anymore I have to use an external mouse. I didn’t play webkinz for a while and when I came back I couldn’t do the strength class successfully anymore. I assumed it was the mouse issue. So… if you use a laptop, try using the mouse keypad. Like I said, not sure if it would help. I’ll try on my sister’s laptop, now that I think of it.

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