GAME OF THE DAY Weekly Schedule Listings: March 27th – April 2nd!


Welcome to our NEW weekly feature, listing the GAME OF THE DAY in the Webkinz World Arcade each week!



When a game is featured as the GAME OF THE DAY in the Arcade (on web and the desktop app ONLY) that means it’s available for EVERYONE to play, even if it’s normally for Deluxe Members only!


The Game of the Day also awards BONUS KINZCASH, so if you’ve been waiting to a play a specific game, there’s no better time to play!


Here’s a look at the schedule for the week of March 27th until April 2nd:




Which games are YOU most excited to see on the GAME OF THE DAY schedule? Let us know in the comments below!


44 Responses to GAME OF THE DAY Weekly Schedule Listings: March 27th – April 2nd!

  1. KarenaJ says:

    Yeah bonus cash for Lunch Letters will make the trophy easier to get!!

  2. bowlingfan95 says:

    Jumbleberry Blast and Dog Beard’s Gold

  3. Bubblilious1 says:

    The only game I am excited about is Crafty Canaries. It would also be my ONLY CHOICE (of those listed here) for any future Challenge! It would be fine to keep these other listed ones as the Game of the Day. Hint hint.

  4. Acrittenden says:


  5. ArcanineEspeon says:

    Haha, I called it. I knew Webkinz would go the whole month without making Get Eleven the game of the day, to make sure the deluxe challenge wouldn’t be open to regular people. Lucky lucky me, I didn’t have to worry about that with this beautiful, beautiful thing they call a Deluxe Preview For Everyone For Two Dang Weeks.

  6. 4patricia says:

    crafty canaries

  7. akhoovewally says:

    Crafty Canaries!!

  8. Katz1259 says:

    If we wait til the Tues (31st) to play Lunch Letters, do the bonus points count towards the Challenge requirements? Also off topic but can anyone tell me how to find out when a Full account expires? I can see the date the account was created but can not see when it expires. Thanks!

    • ArcanineEspeon says:

      Even if you can’t find the date on which the account expires, hopefully you’ll find it easy to remember the day on which you most recently adopted a pet, thus extending your account. In fact, you could look at that pet’s adoption certificate (on the “my pets menu,” by the large picture of your pet and their health bars), then add 1 to the year they were adopted, and that will be when the account expires. For example, I last adopted a pet (with a code) on roughly November 27, 2019, so my account is set to expire at about November 27, 2020.

    • Alphaowlbear says:

      Hi Katz1259 – go to the “My Pets” section of the things to do menu. Your full account expiration date will be in the upper left corner of the screen. Right now, it shows a deluxe symbol, but when the deluxe preview is over you will see the full status info again.

    • hdresden says:

      It expires after one year from the time you adopted your most recent pet.

  9. Powerann says:

    Handy new feature – thanks! My favourite game is Eager Beaver, and I always enjoy the extra KC when it’s made Game of the Day.

    • Chiny says:

      I’ve been reacquainted with Eager Beaver during this Deluxe Preview and love playing it and can play for hours and hours. I forgot how much I enjoyed so many of the arcade games that are Deluxe only. I’ll miss them when the preview is over (unless I go Deluxe!).

      • Bubblilious1 says:

        I am a big Eager Beaver fan too! I think I play this game the most often. I also enjoy playing Atlantiles, Quizzy’s Word Challenge and Tile Towers but I would like to be able to magnify/zoom in on that one. Happy building in Eager Beaver.

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