Garden Show Share Center Draw!



Webkinz World is in full bloom and we want to see your gardens! From June 1 to 30, we are inviting players to share garden images from Webkinz Next and Webkinz Classic to the Share Center!


There will be five randomly selected winners from each Next and Classic. Five Webkinz Next winners will each receive a Blue Ribbon Windmill in Webkinz Next, and five Webkinz Classic Winners will each receive a code for a Lil’ Webkinz Robin.


Here’s how it works: The contest runs from June 1 (after 9am) to June 30, 2021. We will announce the ten randomly-selected winners on Wednesday, July 7, 2021.


A few things to remember… There is a limit of one entry per person for Webkinz Next gardens, and one entry per person for Webkinz Classic gardens! Use the camera feature in Classic and/or Next to capture an image of your garden. You can upload them to the Share Center as a JPG or a PNG.


Contestants MUST upload their work to the 2021 Garden Show on the GanzWorld Share Center.


Click here for full contest rules.

28 Responses to Garden Show Share Center Draw!

  1. Izmir123 says:

    Can gardens that are in an indoor room count for the contest?

  2. frozenanna2 says:

    OOOHHH, I have always wanted one of these birds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have a Garden that I’m ready to post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Webkinz!!!!!!!!!!! Ima have to work on a Garden in Webkinz Next!!!

  3. EmeraldSwan_591 says:

    I love creating gardens in Webkinz Classic. I have a few which really love I’m not sure which one to enter. I cant wait to see everyone elses gardens.

  4. Ruby09 says:

    I can’t wait I’m entering every pet contest in hope that I win since I still can’t purchase estore points I might be too hopeful but… \o/

  5. Featherheart says:

    Oh boy! I’ve got a bunch of gardens I’ve been making in my home! Can’t wait to see everyones!

  6. unikitty11_ says:

    I just can’t wait for this! I have loads of Gardens I’m going to post yay! [-:

  7. frozenelsa5 says:

    Sorry, that’s a robin!!!!! :-|

  8. frozenelsa5 says:


  9. georgina2242 says:

    So excited! I’ve already entered. Hopefully I did it correctly.

  10. KSC says:

    What an awesome contest! I look forward to seeing all the lovely gardens!

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