Week 1 Is On Now!


Get ready to go back to school by collecting the ULTIMATE set of Kinzville Academy themed prizes! All you need to do is log into Webkinz World every weekday from August 11 – 29 to claim your daily prize.


Take a look at this week’s prizes! Log into Webkinz World every day from August 11 – 15 and get a RETIRED recess food each day:



Remember, you have to log in each day of the week to win each prize. Don’t miss a day!


Want to see a full list of the prizes this August? Click here!


What prize are you looking forward to the most? Please leave your comments below…


98 Responses to Week 1 Is On Now!

  1. BunnyCarrothunter1 says:

    Oh no, the Goo Goo Berry pie is retired?!?! No! Then the Goo Goo Berry smoothie made with the Goo Goo berry juice box and Goo Goo berry won’t be available anymore!

  2. WebkinzGo says:

    I play webkinz every day. This is awesome.

  3. lora02657 says:

    ha a back to school list

  4. katherine10070 says:

    so exited

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