#OneWebkinzWorld: Stories We Love



This July, the Webkinz community uploaded tens of thousands of photos and videos of their pets to social media and told the world their stories. Whether they were on ShareCenter, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube, your portraits were creative, heartfelt, funny and, most of all, a wonderful reminder of how much we all love our pets. Thank you for participating in this unprecedented Webkinz event!


In celebration of #OneWebkinzWorld and the Webkinz players who live in it, please enjoy this selection of stories we came across that we totally loved. We hope you love them, too.





Owner: redbulblicorice

This is Nina, my Signature Cheetah. I love Nina, and I feel like she gives me good luck. Two days in one week, I was playing Wishing Well 2, and got 3 wells in the center, resulting in my pick of an exclusive item! It was awesome.



Owner: TElVid128

Chewy hangs around in the coolness of the plants, munching as he pleases. He loves it when the butterflies come to visit our flowers and he can look on, daydreaming about what a beautiful butterfly he will be one day!!



Owner: montgomery2003

Benny is my favorite Webkinz! He goes everywhere with me!



Owner: cuddlyfur1

This is Kasey the Teacup Yorkie. She enjoys fashion and watching TV.

(Editor’s note: We love your outfit, Kasey!)



Owner: RagingFire123

Howdy, partner! This is Shenandoah Lou, my Rockerz Horse. She’s from the country and loves her music! She dreams of being up on the stage herself with her friend Butterfly Blossom and jivin’ to the beat with Jazz Monsters.





Owner: Laura

Wanna play with me?



Owner: Arbor

Oddly enough, the winter fawn loves summer
She loves getting up early and feeling the warmth of the summer sun on her fur



Owner: Jill

Meet the real (YES she IS real!) Pockets. This was taken when we went to see the Webkinz Road Trip. Of course we took this pic. I have many Webkinz but she is nearest and dearest to my heart.



Owner: Autumn

Chato, my Chihuahua, loves getting out and going for rides!! He’s a curious little guy and a fierce protector of the truck while everyone is away!!



Owner: Lilybell

This is Bellatrix my Midnight Owl. She loves to sneak out at night and look at the stars and moon. Her favorite game is Home Before Dark and her favorite food is black licorice.





Owner: Kate

Sandra would like the REAL Cashew to please step forward!



Owner: Bethlyn

Kitty, please be my friend!



 Owner: Olive

My first leopard, Pearl! She’s very shy but extremely sweet.



Owner: Nicole

My son wants to share his favorite pet. Meet Icy! He is making him a snowball room in #OneWebkinzWorld.





Owner: tdwt5551

Meet Ashley! Here she is reading her favorite book, Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Ashley is active, smart and very soft (P.S. I had to groom her before I took this picture).



Owner: luv_webkinz

This is Lisa, my Rockerz Papillon. She is a pop star. She can sing very well and plays the piano. These days she is trying to learn drums :)) I think she is very pretty <3



Owner: soccomonkey

Get along little Socco.



Owner: gotmywolfskillz



 Owner: webkinzlover_

Meet Cali (both Cali’s!) My lovely Signature Calico Cat Webkinz along with my lovely non Signature Cat, Cali! <3





Owner: einicni

My video for #OneWebkinzWorld featuring Jackson.



Owner: TheWebbiegirl



Owner: Kitty Kinz

Meet Luke.



 Owner: Christina

Bella. I got her at Carlton Cards and I love her from the moment I saw her and I love her shade of green.



 Owner: yellowhedgehog17155

Welcome to the #OneWebkinzWorld Red Carpet where you get to meet my Webkinz, Archimedes!!!!!





What was YOUR favorite memory from #OneWebkinzWorld?

Tell us in the comment section!

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