Get Ready For Winterfest!


The snow is falling in Webkinz World and that means that Winterfest is just around the corner! He’s what you can look forward to for Winterfest, which starts in the New Year:



Winterfest Challenge: Jan 1st - Feb 28th

Complete this Challenge and win a Showman Snowman Building Kit! Look for the Snowflake icon in your pet’s room on January 1st and click on it to review your tasks.





Build a Winter Wonderland Themed Room: Jan 8th

The Winter Wonderland room theme will be back in the WShop for a LIMITED TIME ONLY, starting January 8th. You’ll love the 3 NEW additions to this theme: The Winter Wonderland Clock, Snowball Beanbag Chair and the Ice Cold Wardrobe.





Host a Winter Themed Party for your Friends: Jan 8th

Pick up a Winterfest Party Pack from the WShop… available on January 8th. Drag and drop it into your pet’s room to set up your party.




Hang out in the Frosty Playground Clubhouse Room: Jan 8th

Visit the Clubhouse with your pet and enjoy playing in the Frosty Playground Clubhouse room!





Catch Snowflakes for Prizes: Jan 10th – 19th

Look for floating snowflakes in Webkinz World and click on them to win prizes for your pet… like this Darling Winter Coat:




Spin the Super Wheel: Jan 25th

Get a chance to win cool winter themed prizes (like the Frosty Snow Making Machine) by spinning the Super Wheel on Saturday January 25th!



128 Responses to Get Ready For Winterfest!

  1. webkinzqueen says:

    I love winter clubhouse room.I like the slide.

  2. webkinzpuglover123 says:

    :) love winterfest…………………zzzzzzzzzz…………..

  3. rcrcal2013 says:

    so cool : }

  4. Seahorses10 says:

    I like trains

  5. katnacgro13 says:

    i love webkinz it is amazing

  6. nonak55 says:

    have logged on twice today and no snowflakes. :(

  7. Lyds123451 says:

    I want that winter coat! I cant find snowflakes though…

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