Get Wacky This Weekend!



From Friday, March 8, to Sunday, March 10 (ending at midnight, EST), collect Wacky Lemon Ice Pops that you find floating on Webkinz Classic!


Every time you feed your pet a Wacky Lemon Ice Pop you’ll have the chance to win a Wacky Go Kart that your pet can ride:



Do you already own a Wacky Go Kart? Let us know in the comment section below…


24 Responses to Get Wacky This Weekend!

  1. sparkles1117 says:

    It’s been taking wayyy to long for the wacky lemon ice pops to float. I finally gave up

  2. lianne819 says:

    I agree with everyone. Same prizes over and over just makes me skip the events. How hard can it be to design new prizes?!

  3. dizjohn says:

    Could we please have some new wacky options please? It seems the go cart has been a prize for years. I have multiple.

  4. granma4 says:

    I’m with others I have lots of go karts. I have a swing set on one of our accounts. I’m not sure how i got it but it had to be a prize from some game. I would love to see that come back again. Thanks for giving us the chance to win the extra prize of the wacky fridge when we feed our pets wacky cupcakes and wacky snack bars.

  5. caseyspacey says:

    Thought of another great idea for Webkinz, maybe we should hold a design contest for WackyER Zingoz so people could design their own ideas that relate to the game.

  6. pamala says:

    Webkinz needs new prize creator, boring and too old. payying as well

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