Season 21 Guide – Week 3

Collecting Kinzville is our 21st Season! Here are some more details, tips, tricks, and links to more information about the week 3 tasks. Find week 1 here. Find week 2 here.

Week 3


  • Craft any recipe on the Crafting Table
  • Exercise your pet on four different days
  • Click on a stroller in Kinzville to see the baby’s details
  • Get an A in any hard class at the Kinzville Academy
  • Get a score of 35+ in Atomicolicious
  • Complete the Gem Hunt 3 times
  • Take your baby on the swings 3 different days
  • Harvest 5 apricots
  • Spend 5 play tokens at the Arcade
  • Buy something from the Wish Boutique


    Craft any recipe on the Crafting Table

    Get your own Crafting Table from the W Shop (Special -> Interactive) if you haven’t already or borrow a friend’s! Hint: If you have soil hanging around, crafting Clay is an easy way to satisfy this task!
    Crafting 101

    Exercise your pet on four different days

    Grab a piece of exercise equipment and have your pet use it on four different days to satisfy this task. Exercise equipment includes a pool or trampoline (found in Decorations -> Yard Decor) or a treadmill (Furniture -> Living Room). Borrowing exercise equipment does NOT work — it has to be your own.

    Click on a stroller in Kinzville to see the baby’s details

    Look for people heading to the baby park with their babies for the swing task — tap on the baby in the stroller to check out its details!

    Get an A in any hard class at the Kinzville Academy

    Get an A or higher in a hard class to satisfy this task. You have three weeks and the assortment of classes is random each day, so you’re sure to find one that you’re better at.

    Get a score of 35+ in Atomicolicious

    Head to the arcade by clicking on the Arcade button on the dock, clicking on the Arcade icon from the Kinzville map, or clicking on the Arcade building in Kinzville. Click on one of the arcade units and select Atomicolicious from the list. The score is the points you earn before you add KinzCash, so you’ll want to make this game linger as long as possible. You don’t have to win the game as long as your score is high enough!

    Complete the Gem Hunt 3 times

    Click on the Gem Mine on the Map, or go through the Curio Shop. Look for glittering stones and break them with your pickaxe. Use up all three axes on three different days to complete this task.
    Gem Mining in Webkinz Next

    Take your baby on the swings 3 different days

    Take your baby out in a stroller and head to the Baby Park in Kinzville. Tap the baby swing to have your baby swing on it. Do this on three different days to satisfy this task. This has to be your own baby — there’s no way to borrow one for this task.
    Strollers and the Baby Park

    Harvest 5 apricots

    Apricot plants can be purchased from the W Shop under Food -> Growing Plants. Crops take 4 days (96 hours) from planting to harvest.
    Gardening 101

    Spend 5 play tokens at the Arcade

    You’ll need to use up all of your free plays to start spending your tokens. Free players get 3 free daily plays, while full members have 6. I personally tend to use a TON of plays on Kinzville Pinball!

    Buy something from the Wish Boutique

    Head to the Curio Shop and tap the Wish Boutique to see what’s on offer. Any purchase here will count, even the 5 Wish Token one. Maybe you’ll find a fun recipe?

    Download Webkinz Next now — available for iOS, MacOS, Android and Windows 10.



9 Responses to Season 21 Guide – Week 3

  1. cbh20 says:

    I have not been able to visit friends/hosts since the update either. It works if they are “on now” otherwise I get the same half load issue others have mentioned.

  2. monti27 says:

    I also have been unable to visit a friends home. Same thing happens…it loads to half then just stops. Very frustrating. Please fix so can complete the task of week 4 in this season.

  3. nz107r says:

    I am also unable to visit friends since the update. Help please.

  4. bhart371 says:

    After yesterdays update I can not visit friends accounts. It only loads 1/2 way then stops.

  5. surprisecub8 says:

    Thanks for all the tips!! Love the recipes that need clay – mug, etc. It lets us use up our soil to make some cute decorations for our homes! Thanks for thinking this through, Ganz!!

  6. kalcan8 says:

    Sally, as always, thank you for taking the time and care to put together this thorough guide. I really appreciate the special touches, like where you can find things like the trampoline, treadmill and pool in the Wshop. I think that the Next Wshop needs more refined categories like in Classic. For example, I would love to be able to find all plants under a Decorations theme, subheading ‘Plants’ category. The crafting clay hint is stellar, as everyone has soil! I realized it on my own by my second account (I wish that I had figured it out earlier or read this first!) Thank you!

  7. BH1464 says:

    Once again, I am unable to get to the log-in screen so I can sign-in and play. I’ve been locked out for almost all of week 2 and am still locked out starting week 3. Very frustrating. There’s no way I can rate the seasons because I was locked out for most of them. I’ve only been able to participate in the last 3 or 4 and most of those seasons I could not earn enough points for the grand prize due to being locked out for many days. Since I purchased the more expensive Season Pass, I used precious Diamonds to complete my seasons so I could collect all the prizes. It’s getting too expensive and much too frustrating to even try to complete the seasons and the 1 day break between seasons is not nearly long enough. I’m seriously considering selling my plush that still have both codes available and re-thinking even playing on Next at all.

    • kalcan8 says:

      Hey BH1464. I’m sorry that you’ve been experiencing this frustrating issue for so long. Thank you for continuing to post updates so the Ganz staff will know, and other players in the same boat won’t feel so alone. What have you tried so far? You mentioned that you have been able to log-on and play some days. Was anything different on those days? Are you using Wi-fi, or are you plugged directly into the modem? Some of my family members who game in their bedrooms, far from the family modem, experience connection issues. Our family upgraded our service with a wi-fi booster, which has made things run smoother. I primarily play on a desktop really close to the modem. I rarely play on mobile due to how… slow… everything is. (My cell phone is small and weak, so the problem lies there for me.) I hope that you can get to the root of the issue so you can continue to play the games that you enjoy!

      • BH1464 says:

        I use a desktop computer right next to the modem. I’ve tried uninstalling/re-installing, re starting my computer, clearing everything, (history, cache, cookies, etc.). I’ve made sure I have no other apps running that are using any on-line “juice”. I have tried having nothing else running at all. I’ve had my internet provider at my home several times troubleshooting this issue. I’ve spent much time chatting with tech services at my internet provider trying to troubleshoot this issue. I even had an electrician come and replace the wall outlet that my power strip/surge protector is plugged in to. I’ve given Webkinz support my user name and password so they could use my account and they have not had any problem signing in or playing. My desktop is only about 2 years old. When I purchased it I discussed it’s capabilities with the sales rep specifically in reference to playing Webkinz Classic and Webkinz Next, making sure I had enough umph to use both apps without any issues. Nothing seems to be different between the days I am able to log-in and the days I am not able to play. As of today, I am still locked out, unable to get even the log-in screen to load. I’ve checked everything that anyone here on WKN has suggested all to no avail. I’ve tried using a secure VPN and not using a VPN at all. I ordered the new White Bunny and I’m afraid I won’t be able to log-in on time, much less spark a baby in time, to get my extra gifts. That will be extremely frustrating and disappointing. I am literally at my wits end here. Thanks so much for asking kalcan8.

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