Season 21 Guide – Week 2

Collecting Kinzville is our 21st Season! Here are some more details, tips, tricks, and links to more information about the week 2 tasks. Find week 1 and dailies here.

Week 2


  • Buy something from the Spirit Shop in the Kinzville Academy
  • Take and save a picture of a kid pet at the Photo Booth
  • Win a poster by completing Sparky’s challenge
  • Sell a Rare gem to Amanda Panda
  • Buy a Fruit Tart from the Farmer’s Market on 4 different days
  • Fill a Pet Care heart 5 times
  • Earn 150 KinzCash in Home Before Dark
  • Buy a rare item from the Curio Shop
  • Help build the Fantastic Snowman
  • Craft any recipe on the Drafting Table


Buy something from the Spirit Shop in the Kinzville Academy

Head to the Kinzville Academy and click on the Spirit Shop at the back left wall. Purchase any item for ribbons to complete this task.

Take and save a picture of a kid pet at the Photo Booth

Head to Kinzville and click on the Photo Booth. Click the Change Pet and select one of your kids to take a picture of. Take and save the picture of your kid to complete this task. Note, if you first take a picture of a grown up of the same type as your kid, it may not complete properly. If this happens, log out and back in and then switch to the kid before saving any other photos.

Win a poster by completing Sparky’s challenge

Head to the Arcade and click on Sparky to see what his challenge is. If you can beat his score, you’ll win a random poster. We recently added another 9 posters, so there’s a total of 15 to collect!


Sell a Rare gem to Amanda Panda

Click on the Gem Mine and search for sparkling gems. Move your mouse over them until they turn into pick axes and then click on them to break the rock. You can keep any slag you might collect, but you can only keep one gem per game. If you find a rare gem, sell it to Amanda Panda to complete this task. Don’t remember what anything is? Check out the Webkinz Next Gem Hunt Showcase. Gems you’ve already collected and kept cannot be sold.


Buy a Fruit Tart from the Farmer’s Market on 4 different days

Head to the Farmer’s Market on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays and click on Farmer Will’s Pantry to buy a Fruit Tart. You’ll need on four different days and purchase at least 1 Fruit Tart to make progress on this task.
Farmer’s Market on Webkinz Next

Fill a Pet Care heart 5 times

Complete pet requets to fill the Pet Care heart. Some activities, like exercising and feeding a hungry pet, will also give you Pet Care points the first time you do it for that pet in the day. If you have more than one pet, you can switch to another once you’ve filled a heart. It doesn’t have to be the same pet each day.
Webkinz Next Pet Care and Family Score

Earn 150 KinzCash in Home Before Dark

Head to the arcade by clicking on the Arcade button on the dock, clicking on the Arcade icon from the Kinzville map, or clicking on the Arcade building in Kinzville. Click on one of the arcade units and select Home Before Dark from the list. This is a cumulative task, you can earn it a little at a time over the next four weeks.

Buy a rare item from the Curio Shop

Keep an eye out for the glowing door at the Curio Shop — that’s when a rare item is there! You can also watch our Twitter feed, as we’ll announce when the rare item is there. No minimum price for the Rare item, so as long it’s labeled as Rare it will count.

Help build the Fantastic Snowman

The Fantastic Snowman is scheduled just like the Great Cake Cookoff. Join in any game over the next 5 weeks to satisfy this task. You don’t have to get top 3 for this, but you do need to stay until the snowman is built.
Great Cake Cookoff and Fantastic Snowman schedule

Craft any recipe on the Drafting Table

Get your own Drafting Table from the W Shop (Special -> Interactive) if you haven’t already or borrow a friend’s!
Crafting 101
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7 Responses to Season 21 Guide – Week 2

  1. bubbac4 says:

    I’ve noticed when we have weekly challenges, thhey are harder, like normally i get 3 slag but when its a weekly I don’t get any, or the art class at the academy never shows up anymore, same dor deluxe curio shop room

  2. P00KA2 says:

    Hi, I understand that some of the challenges can be frustrating,(for me too) but that being said,they are challenges :) since they lowered the point threshold, (which I was thrilled about!) I skip crafting until near end if I need them. It depends on the game challenges for me , because there are some I can’t do. I may have to wait to get to next level but I do get there. That’s why I am so happy it’s only 2700 points now , it really took away my stressing :)

  3. davids1lilpixie says:

    Overall, I like the challenges, lol, most of them at any rate. But that said, there’s far too many of them, they’re done too close together, they take too long and their too involved. I don’t know about anyone use, but burn out is a good word for me, sigh.

  4. piggitime says:

    I need the points but man, I am tired of the craft table things, especially the Drafting table one. I don’t need any more of any of those. And there is no gain to selling them back to the W-shop, jeez. I mean, if I ‘hand sketch’ and paint expensive wallpaper and enhance it, it should not be devalued to a quarter of the cost of the starter paper, and pfft about the other materials loss. I think we now know Arte has a monopoly on commerce in webkinz world and has secretly owned the W-shop all this time. (looking at you, 2 kc gem offers…and inflated prices to manipulate the market.)

    • davids1lilpixie says:

      Agreed. I must admit, I absolutely detest the crafting tables. :(

    • wingsfan65 says:

      I agree…and I wish I could send some of the wallpaper and floors I created back to my Webkinz Classic account, like the Charming Tree wallpaper, Designer wallpaper+Designer Tile flooring, and the Royal White wallpaper. As far as I know, there are no equivalents in Classic.

  5. P00KA2 says:

    First question is there an estimate time on when rose gold piano will be fixed ? and I can sit on valentine couch now, but still get bumped off Aztec chair ( not the dining chair) Second , great season and even though I always get season pass , really super prizes for free , glad to see everyone can get rug and Dino :)

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