Goo-Goo Berry Float: Secret Recipe Revealed!


Just in time for Berry Fest, we’re revealing a classic Secret Recipe! The Goo-Goo Berry Float can be made by combining 3 different Goo-Goo Berry food together.


Here are the ingredients you’ll need:


  • Goo-Goo Berry
  • Goo-Goo Berry Drink Box
  • Goo-Goo Berry Pie


Combine these 3 ingredients together in your blender to make this fantastic float!




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Do YOU know where to find the ingredients to this Secret Recipe? Let us know in the comments below!


41 Responses to Goo-Goo Berry Float: Secret Recipe Revealed!

  1. blindfold11201 says:

    I agree with others. How are we going to get the ingredients for the Goo-Goo Berry Specials? Is there a way to get them; especially the retired ones?

  2. AuroraRose24 says:

    Is there a way to earn the goo goo berry pie and drink box so we can make this recipe????

  3. 1pepper says:

    I sent Mr Moo a letter today and he sent me a Goo-Goo Berry Float.

  4. honeymeagan says:

    The juice box is a Kinzville Academy recess prize and the pie is a retired KA recess prize, which was a also prize in last year’s Berry Fest.

  5. ctfan13 says:

    So basically we really can’t make this then?

  6. ghijkl789123 says:

    How do you get/earn juice boxes and pies?

  7. FoxesRule612 says:

    Hmm, cool! At first I thought this was a banana ice cream float, but then I read the title XD

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