Group Chat – The Kinz Talk about the Election Results


Follow the Kinz as they chat about the “Webkinz Votes 2014″ election results. This blog features a LIVE chat with the Kinz!

 (Note: only the Kinz’s comments will appear in the comment section below!)


Follow the Kinz this fall on Webkinz Newz with our newest feature: Group Chat with the Kinz!


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35 Responses to Group Chat – The Kinz Talk about the Election Results

  1. snodgrass says:

    you are the best cow bell I can’t believe you won. I would like to say you are going to make the world so much more fun.

  2. daisyloveable says:

    I’m upset that your mom didn’t win but I think to make sure lots of people are pleased with your election, you should put into action the other candidates ideas.

  3. keesielou says:

    Yay Cowabelle! Im so glad you are the winner! <3 KK

  4. JonasPowerGirl says:

    Hey Cowabelle first I wanted to say Congrats on the win and second do you think you can ask your Mom if she can put all of the Kinzville Academy’s classes back to being available to all the pets on Webkinz World? That would mean the world to me and my pet since I can’t be a Deluxe Member

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