Arcade Trophy Showcase!


Ever wonder how to win a trophy playing some of your favorite Webkinz Arcade games? In this feature we’ll tell you how!


Here’s a look at 2 Arcade trophies and how to win them:



1. Polar Plunge Trophy (Polar Plunge): Cross the finish line on any course in the game for a random chance to win this trophy!


2. Polarberry Jam Trophy (Polarberry Jam): Finish all 15 levels of the game to win this trophy!


Have YOU ever won one of these trophies? Let us know in the comments below!


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83 Responses to Arcade Trophy Showcase!

  1. Rew234 says:

    How many levels are in polarberry jam?

  2. Rubixcube2009 says:

    i wish i could get pollerbarry jam trophy .i love that game!

  3. Rubixcube2009 says:

    i have a poler plunge trophy

  4. supermousecomputer says:

    I have won no trophy’s but i will try to get them

  5. JohnnyAwesome551 says:

    I have won 6 Silver Polar Plunge trophies and traded 1 Bronze Polar Plunge Trophy.

  6. dominic99709 says:

    I get the silver trophy in polar plunge EVERY time, no matter which hill I conquer or how little or high of points I get. Is this a glitch and does anyone else have this problem? I now have an entire room full of silver Polar plunge trophies I cannot send, trade, or sell. Please help!

  7. Mamasbrew says:

    I have won on the polar plunge first level once. I’m still trying for second level.

  8. landoftheweirdos says:

    I have bronze and silver in polar plunge, both I got on tablet I think

  9. Alfiecake says:

    Does anyone have the original retired Polar Plunge trophy?

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