Growing Gardens Gallery!


Did you know that you can grow farm fresh food in your pet’s outdoor yards and treetop rooms? Visit the WShop and look for the “Fun Stuff” category. Then click on the “Seeds” tab to find seed packets you can plant!



To plant seed packets, just drag them from your Dock into an outdoor or treetop room. Then each day, return to your plant and click on it. If it has weeds, make sure you rake it so your plant will continue to grow. You can also water your plant each day to reduce the chance it will get weeds the next day.


Once you see the food has ripened on your plant, you can click on it to harvest it! Some plants will only give you one piece of food, while others will randomly give you more!


Here’s a look at all of the various seeds that can be found in Webkinz World, along with the delicious farm fresh food they grow!



Have YOU planted a growing garden yet? Let us know in the comments below!


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  1. explorethedepths says:

    love growing plants! i wish there were more that nondeluxe members could buy!

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