Movie Showcase: Webkinz Votes 2014


This Mayor of Kinzville election has been so exciting to watch! It’s been fascinating to hear everyone’s thoughts about it. Our players have been sharing their opinions all over the web, and YouTuber Crazycat743 is no exception! Her take on Webkinz Votes 2014 is full of great insights and BONUS, features a cameo by her horse Dusty, too!



What are your thoughts on the election so far? Have you ever made a video to share your opinions on an issue?


If you love making Webkinz videos, let us know in the comments! To see all our Movie Showcase videos, click HERE!



76 Responses to Movie Showcase: Webkinz Votes 2014

  1. iloveJesus222 says:

    I wanted to vote but i forgot. i was going to vote for tabby von meow!! ok love the sonic colors music at the end!!!(:

  2. 333WebkinzLover333 says:

    Reply if you want Cowabelle to become mayor!!! #Cowabelle4mayor

  3. EpicRaisins says:

    haha I love it. I’m voting for Tabby just cuz.

  4. rionranard says:

    the doe and tabby

  5. snodgrass says:

    I mean if you can

  6. snodgrass says:

    That was a awesome video i’m new so I really don’t know what this major thing is about but please I would really like to know. so if anyone could tell me that could be great. oh and how do you sign up for it?

  7. puppygirl9000 says:

    i with you crazy cat friend me send a request to puppygirl9000 and i will throw a vote for cowbelle party

  8. puppygirl9000 says:

    i like tabby and cowbelle

  9. teamsweet2013 says:

    TOTALLY RIGHT. you stole the words out of my mouth! PERFECT EXAMPLE! you described them perfectly, though you forgot Mrs. Cowaline. P.S. Dusty is adorable!

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