Let’s Build: On Webkinz Mobile!


If you haven’t already heard, you can now decorate your pet’s room using the Webkinz Mobile app! Take a look as Michael shows us how to build a room using Webkinz Mobile:



The Webkinz Mobile app is FREE to download to your phone or mobile device. It works with your existing Webkinz.com account, and anything you do on your mobile device will be updated on Webkinz.com.


Whether you use the app to earn KinzCash at the Arcade, shop at the WShop or decorate your pet’s rooms, it’ the best way to take of your pets when you’re away from the computer!


The Webkinz Mobile Pet app is now available for FREE on iTunes* … and on the Google Play Store**


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74 Responses to Let’s Build: On Webkinz Mobile!

  1. uytrewq14 says:

    i love the condo room!

  2. Calicocat67 says:

    Cool I love these widens can you show us how to make a kids room?

  3. lovedogs0112 says:

    i din’t now that either and i,ve been playing since 2009

  4. bismore says:

    thx sooo much but one question when it say you need to update your ios devise to 7.0 what the heck does that mean

  5. AlwaysBored says:

    the mobile app takes up SO much data!. its kind of neat but the names of the items arent on the dock so you have to scroll forever to find things. i did it once to see how it worked and my mom had a fit cuz it used up a ton of our data plan! so i guess if you have a massive plan it is good but not if you dont. and its better to see it on a big screen i think.

  6. AlwaysBored says:

    i would really like to suggest that you take down the ganz parent club area. you make all these podcasts and you have all the mobile stuff now. the parent area hasnt been updated in over a year. the articles are so old! there are never any contests. the stuff on the front page is so outdated it is awful to even go look at it. the rest of webkinzNewz is current and new and has lots going on all the time! and please its time to change the rewards prizes! theyve been the same for a year+ too! thank you!

  7. animallover456 says:

    Sounds cool :)

  8. webkinzlove2207 says:

    That is a nice room but too modern for me, and you misspelled volleyball on your map! xD

  9. candyhugs14 says:

    guys, there are also these packages that can open only on the app and when you go back to my pets room on the computer they stay opened.

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