Hailey and Elwin Need YOUR Help!

You have designed a dog and named a baby dragon and now we need YOUR help to decide what room theme we should release next! Hailey and Elwin have come up with 5 ideas and want you to pick the one you want to see added to the WShop.


You can vote for your favorite room theme from June 13th – 15th. Once we announce the winner, keep visiting Webkinz Newz. We’ll be showing off concept drawings as the theme is being created allowing YOU to leave feedback and offer ideas as to what we should name each item.


We have made a concept drawing for each theme. Keep the concept drawings in mind when you vote as the drawing will be used as inspiration for the rest of the items that will be included in the theme.


Remember, only one will be turned into an actual Webkinz room theme and it’s up to YOU to decide which one:



Hailey: “The Sweets & Treats room theme would be a redesign of the original. Candy patterns would be featured on the fabric of each item”




Elwin: “This theme should have a modern feel and feature colorful plaid patterns on each piece of furniture.”






Hailey: “I’ve always wanted to design my own clothing store and now I finally could if this theme is chosen as the winner!”




Elwin: “This theme would be inspired by toadstools, moss and elements of nature. What an enchanting idea!”




Hailey: “This would be a bright, light room theme inspired by lemon drops, sugar and sunshine!”



What theme do you want to win? Do you have ideas for furniture for these themes? How would you change the concept drawings to make them even better? Leave your comments below and remember, voting starts on June 13th!


**UPDATE (June 5, 12:00PM): Please note that this is a W Shop theme and you will be able to buy items from this theme with KinzCash.**



1,020 Responses to Hailey and Elwin Need YOUR Help!

  1. rachel_sakkas says:

    clothing store or plaid room theme

  2. doggon10 says:

    definatly the toadstool theme

  3. elglooe says:

    I like toadstool best!

  4. nanaprice says:

    I like the plaid room only please don’t make it deluxe

  5. elglooe says:

    Ty for clearing that up Gennelle! I understand ppl need clarification, but that is the third time (that I have counted, there might be more) that a Webkinz staff member has had to clear that up. Im not complaining, and hope I dont sound rude, but pls ppl, read the comments before you ask questions. The answer might already be there!

  6. webkinz_puppy says:

    The clothing store sounds so fun! The toadstool is also really cute! :)

  7. flyinfaith says:

    i really like the candy theme

  8. joy89 says:

    Why does everyone like clothing store so much? It is absolutely hideous! Who wants clothes folded on the back of their chairs?! Use a laundry hamper. Toadstool theme rox!

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