Halloween Costume Gallery!


PJ Collie will be adding some cool Halloween costumes to the KinzStyle Outlet on Wednesday, October 8th! Here’s a look at some of the boo-utiful Halloween costumes that have been available in the KinzStyle Outlet over the years, along with a sneak peek at this year’s new costumes:



How many Webkinz costumes have you collected over the years? Which are your favorites? And which ones are you missing? Let us know in the comments below!


Click on the page numbers below to see even MORE costumes!


138 Responses to Halloween Costume Gallery!

  1. jessie10165 says:

    i love costumes ! thank you for making some costumes for the webkinz .

  2. warriors2002 says:

    Aww…I missed quite a few….Though the ones that AREN’T retired, why aren’t they in the KinzStyle Outlet?

  3. Chocolatecheesycat says:

    Dark queen costume looks sooooooooo cute on my white terrier thanks for making it ;)

  4. pavarotti24 says:

    i really wish that webkinz would make a pizza costoume like a little slice if pizza hat and the body a…i am not quite sure of that but that would be cool…but also webkinz SHOULD have a wizard of oz costume todo,tinman,scarecrow,lion tiger bear,AND DORTHY

  5. etncpink says:


  6. grasshopper21 says:

    Would love to see the black and white cat, the lion, and the hippo brought back. They are the only ones I am missing. The hippo is my favorite but for some reason, I am missing the shoes. Love dressing up all my pets for a halloween party! Thanks for making all of the costumes for them.

  7. Duchess477 says:

    get like all of them! seen them all.

  8. CountryKinz17 says:

    My favorite costume for this year would probably be the dark queen costume! I’m gonna put it on my golden retriever Topaz on Halloween and then go to kinz chat plus at the park and hang out with my peeps! ;)

  9. princessmurr says:

    I have all of em, btw the queen costume looks awesome on signature daschunds

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