Halloween Costume Gallery!


PJ Collie will be adding some cool Halloween costumes to the KinzStyle Outlet on Wednesday, October 8th! Here’s a look at some of the boo-utiful Halloween costumes that have been available in the KinzStyle Outlet over the years, along with a sneak peek at this year’s new costumes:



How many Webkinz costumes have you collected over the years? Which are your favorites? And which ones are you missing? Let us know in the comments below!


Click on the page numbers below to see even MORE costumes!


138 Responses to Halloween Costume Gallery!

  1. kotte says:

    Do these all come out every October? When I was younger, my sister but a bunch of the items from my lion costume into the clothing machine and it’s been years but I still really want it back.

  2. IndigoZap says:

    I have a lot of them, but I want ALL OF THESE! They’re totally awesome. I remember when almost all of these came out.

  3. adara917 says:

    awww! those are so cute! i wish they still had these costumes! when i played webkinz supermodels, i always wondered where those animal hats came from–but now I know! the costumes are just 2 awesome!

  4. futureveterinarian2 says:

    I will give you something in return!!!!!!

  5. futureveterinarian2 says:

    Anybody who has the angel costume shoes I really need them I got everything else from trading but the shoes my username is monkey2003summer

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