Happy Halloween from the Mayor!

What a booooo-tiful day to take part in all of the fun Halloween activities happening around Webkinz World!


Don’t forget to log in today to have your Halloween Treat Bag added to your Dock! When you drag it into your room, your 3 Halloween prizes will be added to your Dock.


You’ll also be able to spin the Halloween Super Wheel! Spin the Super Wheel through Today’s Activities which can be accessed through the ‘Things To Do’ menu (web only).


Today is the final day to catch two floaty-clickies flying around Webkinz World. Look for the bat floaty clicky and click on it to get a Hanging Bat Plushy you can hang on your pet’s wall. The Jack-O-Lantern floaty clicky gives out a random costume piece. Both of these events are limited to 1 prize a day for free players, 2 for full players and 3 for Deluxe Members.


It’s also your last chance to pick up items from the new Trick or Treat room theme in the WShop and the Haunted Castle room theme in Mobile Zone on the Webkinz Mobile app.


The new Weremonster has been busy planting candy trees in Kinzville Park! If you stop by the Park today to pick a Ghost Gummy from the Ghost Gummy Candy Tree, you’ll also be helping to complete our Halloween Community Challenge – if 5,000 members of the Webkinz community visit the Park, we’ll give away a code for Haunted Hotel wallpaper on Webkinz Newz tomorrow!


And of course – it’s not Halloween without a visit to the Ghost in the Reading Room in the Clubhouse! How many candies have YOU collected so far? Have you won the Grand Prize? Tell me about it in the comments below.


Be sure to log in so you don’t miss any Halloween fun!


So fab. So fun. So frightening!!!

42 Responses to Happy Halloween from the Mayor!

  1. Pinkipenny says:

    Does anyone know if the Trick or Treat Street theme will return next year?

    • Beckinz8 says:

      If we are following tradition, then yes. But maybe only in the mobile app.

      • gmatiny says:

        USUALLY BUT 1 ITEM most likely WILL be MISSING !! USE your Magic berrys from from MAGIC FOREST to help out !! They are at the VERY END the LAST GAME . You will lose MOST of the time but they add up PRETTY FAST.. I do this for Halloween an Christmas like a PIGGY Bank ;)

  2. Goodluckwolfie says:

    Happy Halloween everyone. :) Has anyone seen the special Clubhouse room that was mentioned in Update #301 and that was said to only be available today (Halloween)?

  3. xamyspur says:

    Happy Halloween to all Webkinz fans and pets! Thank you so much to the Webkinz/Ganz team for an October full of fun events in the game, and on WebkinzNewz. I am really enjoying coming back to the game. Looking forward to November, but especially December, as I love Christmas in Webkinz World! I must say, I always miss Spooky when he checks out from the clubhouse. I LOVE his sound effects, and his animated “ghost sheet” is too cute as it ripples around in the cold draft! Spooky is just a cute little character overall. How about a “Spooky Plushy” for next Halloween?

  4. ilovemoonie says:

    Happy Halloween, everyone! =D Hope everyone has an awesome day! Looks like I’m going to be spending a lot of time on Webkinz today, because I haven’t even started on my Trick or Treat Street room, yet! :o *rolls up sleeves*

  5. nettne2 says:

    Happy Halloween to everyone. I love Halloween and this year it was quite a challenge trying to keep up. I missed out on most of the ” day specific” code prizes was really looking forward to the pumpkin fridge most of all but missed it that day even though I logged in I kept forgetting to visit the code shop. the trick was on me this year. filled our buckets and caught a lot of bats too.

  6. Itswebkinztime says:

    Happy Halloween! It doesn’t feel like it though. XD Feels more like December. We got 4 inches of snow and there’s more on the way. :(

    • ilovemoonie says:

      Whoa! That’s a ton of snow! :O Are you (or were you) going to go trick or treating? I bet it can’t be fun, in all of that snow! D: It’s like 30 degrees here and I thought that was cold, haha XD

      • Itswebkinztime says:

        No, I always just pass out candy haha. Even when I was younger I preferred doing that instead of trick or treating because I loved getting to see everyone’s costumes. I also get to eat some of the candy while I pass it out. XD Usually I sit out on the porch with my mom and we play Halloween music, but this year we’ll have to stand in the doorway. Right now it’s 31 degrees. XD It needs to warm up! Haha

      • Beckinz8 says:

        So sorry both of you! And to think that we were worried about a little rain ruining our trick-or-treat. It’s 70 degrees here. I wish I could hook up a gigantic fan and blow some of our warm air your way. Sending warm thoughts!

        • Itswebkinztime says:

          That would be nice haha. XD I’m still going to find a way to enjoy Halloween anyway. It’s my favorite holiday. :D Last year the weather was perfect though, so I guess I can’t complain too much. XD

    • xamyspur says:

      Yikes! I had a dream last night the I woke up to 4″ of snow this morning, it was so realistic. Was really glad to realize after really waking up that it was just a dream, haha. We are forcast for severe thunderstorms and high winds today and tonight though, so many Halloween plans are being changed. Everyone have a Happy Halloween and stay safe! Keep those pets protected also! <3

  7. abbytay123 says:

    i wasnt able to get the prize.. I didnt realize we could visit every 6 hours instead i visited once a day and work got so busy. oh im so upset with myself!

  8. KSC says:

    Happy Halloween everyone!!

  9. kaye10 says:

    hi! is anyone going to tell us how to get the wallpaper in sophie’s background, please?!? k.

  10. Nicthewerecatqueen says:

    Is this happening to anyone else? I was trying to dress up my tree frog pet as an aztec bride but unfortunately the shoes don’t display right. Could you fix this in the next maintenance please?

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