Happy St. Patrick’s Day From The Mayor!



Happy St. Patrick’s Day my friends! Hasn’t it been fun looking for the Leprechaun at the park this year? He has an extra special prize waiting for you today, and it’s the perfect place to store all those lucky coins you’ve been collecting: A Lucky Coin Safe!



Add the safe to your room and click on it to open it! Then, drag your coins into the safe to store them.



As a special treat, you will also receive a Golden Leprechaun Window when you log in to Webkinz Classic today. This charming stained glass window will brighten up any room, and I know you have the perfect place for it!



I hope you have a wonderful day, filled with good fortune, friends and family. Oh yeah!


23 Responses to Happy St. Patrick’s Day From The Mayor!

  1. _xPho3nyxblade318x_ says:

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day! =) Hoping I can go back to Ireland again someday!

  2. Amygirl113 says:

    Happy St Pat’s Day. Thanks so much for all the fun stuff and being so easy to find the leprechaun this year.

  3. orabun says:

    Top O’ the Morning to Everyone! (Although it’s not morning anymore…) Anyways, Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! Thank you for the gifts.

  4. flyinghorse3 says:

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!!! I love the two prizes! I had just enough room in my St. Patrick’s Day Room for both of them!

  5. Cloudsheeeep says:

    LOL! The leprechaun wished me, “Mat it ever be full.” referring to the coin bank)

    • megamom12 says:

      That was cute. I however do miss his sweet voice. I do have to say, as much as I missed hanging out at Daisy’s to wait for him and do some cooking, due to time constraints this year, having Lucky at the park was a HUGE help. I think that if I have time after church tomorrow, I just might hang out for a while.

  6. TRINSTER says:

    Absolutely LOVE both of these! That window will look so great next to the one I have (different one). So stoked!

  7. e3g6h7 says:

    Can you put the jelly coins in this lucky coin safe?

  8. bashopper says:

    Now that I have my Lucky Coin Safe, I started opening my Lucky Coin Gift Boxes. The first 2 coins I won were the Lucky Rainbow and the Lucky Emerald coins. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

  9. tuxkitty1 says:

    Thank you! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!!

  10. Wingsfan65 says:

    Thank you for the beautiful prizes and happy St. Patrick’s Day to all!

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