Haunted Castle Room Theme PART 2!



Hey guys… Michael Webkinz here, reporting for Webkinz Newz. I am back with a sneak peek at the 2nd half of the Haunted Castle room theme. This brand new theme will be available in the W-Shop on October 1st. If you missed my last post, CLICK HERE to check out the first half of the Haunted Castle.


There are many great aspects of this theme. One thing I really enjoy is the extra tall wallpaper. It is almost 2 times taller than regular wallpaper! Also, the Ghost Queen is perfect! When you drag the throne into your room it appears empty but, when you click on it, she magically appears:


How do you think this themed turned out? Better start saving your KinzCash now, because this theme will only be available throughout the month of October.


This has been Michael Webkinz reporting for Webkinz Newz…


65 Responses to Haunted Castle Room Theme PART 2!

  1. sindarin says:

    I am not liking anything about this THEME, except for the Ghost Queen. Very disappointed, as your RENDERINGS were colorful and that is what many voted on. Now, it’s just brown, brown brown…the flooring, the walls..the fireplace has 1 color piece on..just copying lately..and the past HALLOWEEN themes were unique and colorful! Also, you have copied very very closely, the past Medievel Theme table and Armored Statue. Seems very similar…very lazy.

  2. puppies4me says:

    Michael, could you please put in a word with PJ Collie and let her know of the beautiful outfit on the queen sitting on her throne. Maybe she could design a replic outfit we could we could buy for our pets!

  3. BestMom says:

    Love these new items. The walls and flooring will look great with other pieces too!

  4. puppies4me says:

    I am liking this theme sooo much more with the addition of these newest pieces. I did know it would compliment the Medieval theme, however, I was really looking forward to the purple seats and accessories in the concept drawings and was very disappointed when the color was changed back to the original Medieval Theme Red. I already have a lovely Medieval room for my lion family. However, with these newest items, I am now looking forward to making them a Medieval Halloween Room. Here’s a suggestion. Last year we had a Victorian Christmas Theme. I think it would be great to stay on a roll with the Medieval Theme and have a Medieval Christmas Room. I know the room design team team could really come up with awesome ideas for one. What do you think Michael? >{^.^}<

    • foxpaws says:

      Thank you, Puppies4me! I expected more purple accents than just on the curtains. When these pictures came out all in red, I was really confused. Thank you for saying that they DID start out purple! ♥♥♥foxpaws♥♥♥

      • puppies4me says:

        I was confused also, foxpaws, so I looked up the concept drawings further back in Recent News pages. I don’t know why changes were made. I really like purple for a Halloween color. The theme would have been more mysterious with the purple. It would be great to please everyone by having the items available in both colors. They did that for the Mobile App. For instance,> the Salon Room Theme. I do like the window. The wallpaper is great. And I’m glad they kept the Ghost Queen as in the concept drawing. If her outfit becomes available, (the one on the Ghost Queen, not the one in the portrait), I would get it for my new Nightfalls Dragon. >{^;^}<

    • 1955tiny says:

      YOU need Throne rooms for a QUEEN . I am sure you have some lovly lady pet who wants the ROYAL treatment with a haunted bathroom also . Use a grave just behind a hottub. Or make her a haunted GARDEN . Again graves behind trees or fountains add a different feel. Add a red flower from ADVENTURE PARK or daisys to a grave to soften the feel;) . Enjoy and have fun I like several rooms for pets a suite of rooms but save 1 room for Christmas and Halloween for each pet.

      • puppies4me says:

        Hi 1955tiny. I really like your ideas. I am already making a haunted garden for my Nightfalls Dragon, “Noira” (my little Forest Princess), combining different traditional Halloween theme items and Freaky Forest wall paper with some
        Rocky pieces, and accents like blue Mad Flowers, Friendly Face Flowers (which I find creepy, lol) a Caramel Drizzle Tree, the Celestial S’mores Campsite….well, you get the idea. Right now my Noira is wearing the Fancy Forest dress, a Bramble Circlet, green Zodiac sandals, and of course, always her red tinted sunglasses! Noira IS The Nightfall Dragon Forest Princess!

  5. cowtown2 says:

    looking good webkinz I like you are making the wallpaper tall like an estore wallpaper that is cool and different, like a castle would be tall walls, I can’t wait I’m trying to save money, but I don’t know, and the ideal about more flooring to stock up you could make many room castle, like it has many rooms, halls, and rooms we need some more staircase’s, I want stairs in the rooms, cause if wallpaper is taller that is cool you could make like bookselves like a picture sometime, to add to walls, like top, with those staircase’s like a library in the air, like old house has, I forgot what they call that,

    • puppies4me says:

      Hi cowtown2. I haven’t tried it with a castle, but I did put the Legendary Learning Bookshelves ON the Webkinz Helping Paws Club wallpaper, just to the left of center. Now they look like a freestanding bookshelf in that center ‘room’ of the wallpaper!

  6. Webkinzwarriorlover8 says:

    I’m a real sucker for animated items XD This is gonna be great ganz, you are putting a lot of effort in this theme, :)

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