Haunted Castle Room Theme PART 2!



Hey guys… Michael Webkinz here, reporting for Webkinz Newz. I am back with a sneak peek at the 2nd half of the Haunted Castle room theme. This brand new theme will be available in the W-Shop on October 1st. If you missed my last post, CLICK HERE to check out the first half of the Haunted Castle.


There are many great aspects of this theme. One thing I really enjoy is the extra tall wallpaper. It is almost 2 times taller than regular wallpaper! Also, the Ghost Queen is perfect! When you drag the throne into your room it appears empty but, when you click on it, she magically appears:


How do you think this themed turned out? Better start saving your KinzCash now, because this theme will only be available throughout the month of October.


This has been Michael Webkinz reporting for Webkinz Newz…


65 Responses to Haunted Castle Room Theme PART 2!

  1. tracy92 says:

    where’s the Halloween beds? You haven’t had any new ones in a long time

  2. Spiderhulkman says:

    Well…I was already excited, but now…. WATCH OUT! I am WAY too excited about this theme!

  3. DworkinBarimen says:

    Looking forward to it. Much better than I had been expecting.

  4. EmeraldCity says:

    I really love the walls and flooring…can do a lot with that for other rooms, going to stock up on those.

  5. 4ulittleone2 says:

    Wow what a cool theme this will be. Great job Ganz

  6. persian says:

    It is great! Very creative. Thank you for the special things you added like the basement hatch, the queen painting and the ghostly throne. The themes available at W Shop get more and more wonderful.

  7. 1Emerald1 says:

    Everything is great so far except the cobwebs on the fireplace, I thought it would go well with the regular rare theme pieces & in many other rooms & situations but now not so much, it looks like someone forgot to dust.

  8. gigiliz says:

    They’re all great! I hope we can get them without estore!

  9. SunsetSparkle says:


  10. srstein14 says:

    The theme seems okay! I really like the queen painting!!

    • tink1706 says:

      Quee Painting I hope the SHOULDER’S match the Throne Doe Queen’s dress . From here they don’t match . What I mean is Queen on throne looks like dress SHOULDER’S . Painting LOOKs like a COLLAR .

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