Still Time to enter!


Don’t forget to submit your entry to the 2018 Super Deluxe Item Design Contest! If yours gets chosen by the Webkinz team, your design will be turned into an awesome item that will be given away to everyone who purchases a 1 Year Deluxe Membership in 2018!  virtual item in Webkinz World!



The winner will also receive a 1 Year Deluxe Membership and nine finalists will each receive a 1 Month Deluxe Membership.


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22 Responses to Still Time to enter!

  1. maitreyi1806 says:

    Can we draw online?

  2. obvsaprincess says:

    I finally got my submission in! It’s a little outside of the ‘theme’ that seems to be going on… but it’s totally my dream item!! I figure if it’s something I would want, then maybe other people would want it as well? I just love going through and seeing everyone’s designs!! There are so many creative things I would never have dreamed of :) Good luck to everyone who enters!!

  3. sharktooth0126 says:

    Please give me some more of the best thing ever

  4. Serena24 says:

    Is anyone having problems submitting? The browse button to upload won’t work for me!

  5. tiny1955 says:

    PLEASE add the older Volcano and let us VOTE ;) !

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