Holland Lop Bunny Now Available in Webkinz Next!

Have you seen the latest addition to hop into Kinzville? The Holland Lop Bunny is the cutest pet around!

You can find the Holland Lop Bunny in the Adoption Center! The Holland Lop Bunny comes with a Homemade Carrot Juicer and a Carrot Cream Cone.

What would you name this adorable pet?
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30 Responses to Holland Lop Bunny Now Available in Webkinz Next!

  1. leaveitnow41s says:

    Got it yesterday! Named Tulip

  2. PupKid008 says:

    I did actually see someone who had adopted the bunny in the arcade yestarday. And just wondering, the day before the Holland Lop Bunny came out, there was a Grey/Gray (?) Tabby Cat for 150 Diamonds in the Adoption Center. It went away and the bunny was in its place the next day. Will this pet be coming back?Was it a limited-time only pet?

  3. GreenSecret says:

    What happened to the gray tabby cat?

  4. bocquet says:

    Love the pet she is soooo lovely.

  5. Sgirl16 says:

    Was the grey tabby a limited edition pet? If so that information would be good to know.

  6. comet7 says:

    nooo he looks just like my pet bunny. don’t tempt me like this, webkinz. i’m too poor lol. will there be a plush available?

  7. Fedorovgirl says:

    What a cutie-pie!

  8. wintercrush says:

    Adopted one today, it’s soooo cute!

  9. Eilish says:

    Very cute. I think I’d name her after a long ago pet, ‘Polly Lop.’ Polly was a rescue.

  10. dwtsfan says:

    Thank you for adding the bunny and what happened to the gray cat

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