Hot Dog! They’re Back in Next!


The floating condiments are back in Webkinz Next from July 22 to 31!

Collect Mustard, Ketchup and Relish and combine them on the Sewing Machine and Crafting Table to make some cool Hot Dog themed prizes.

Check out what you can make! There are 5 adorable Hot Dog-themed recipes  — 4 on the Sewing Machine and one on the Crafting Table.


You can collect up to 6 condiments per day. And don’t worry if you end up with too much of one ingredient, and not enough of another because you can use the condiments you have on the stove to make the condiments you need! Need Mustard? Combine Relish and Ketchup? Need Relish? Combine Mustard and Ketchup. Need Ketchup? Combine Mustard and Relish!




Just like the floating condiment, these recipes are for a limited time only. Remember, you can collect condiments and make these cute recipe items from July 22 to 31!

Download Webkinz Next now — available for iOS, Android and Windows 10.


19 Responses to Hot Dog! They’re Back in Next!

  1. pink4411 says:

    Really disappointing to see the recipes are gone. I can’t use the bottles for anything and selling them is also pointless since they’re worth nothing.

  2. guruanna says:

    Disappointed to see the recipes removed today. I had been so busy collecting and also working on the seasons on my accounts, and trying to keep up with my classics accounts, as well as enter all the codes. I had expected the recipes to be available for a few days after collecting ended.

  3. slk says:

    What a HUGE disappointment to find out that you have removed the recipes as well. WHY? All you had to do was stop the floaties so we could think about what we wanted with our limited condiments.

  4. BigRedFans says:

    So disappointed I did not get enough ketchup to create the Hot Dog Costume, nor get any extra mustard and relish to make the ketchup I needed! Never thought it would have been this difficult to complete. Bummed!

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