How to Play: Kinzville Pinball!



Instructions for our newest game! 


Have YOU been playing Kinzville Pinball? It’s the newest game in Webkinz Next and we hope you’ve been flipping out over it!


If you haven’t had a chance to play, read on for more instructions. If you HAVE been playing, we’d love to hear from you. Please drop us some feedback in the comments.


To play Kinzville Pinball, first find it in the Webkinz Next Arcade.



Use the spacebar to launch the pinball.  The meter to the right of the pinball indicates the power of your launch. Hold the spacebar down to fill the power meter. If you’re playing mobile, tap and hold down next to the meter for power. Let go to launch the ball.



Use the flippers to keep the ball moving! The left and right arrows operate the flippers. On mobile, tap each flipper to make it move.



For extra points, complete the Crown of Wonder mini challenges!



Light up the five gems in the Crown of Wonder for bonus points. If you light up all five gems, the game will go into Crown of Wonder Mode—Five balls on the board! That’s a super fun chance to earn a ton of points.



Tell us, what do YOU think of our newest game?





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22 Responses to How to Play: Kinzville Pinball!

  1. kiwikat says:

    I love pinball but the flippers on my computer seemed to be delayed so I am losing quickly :( but I will keep trying…

  2. crystalfawns53 says:

    Has anyone managed to get over 25000 points on Goody Gumdrops? Sparky keeps giving me this mission and I can barely even reach over 14,000 points most of the time (and that is around the amount required to get the trophy for the game).

  3. Quilter says:

    I stink at this game, but it’s still fun so I play it. I surely wish you’d bring Cash Cow and Get Eleven Solitaire to Next! Thanks for the fun!!

  4. 2002hun says:

    Is there a trophy or prize for this game?

  5. coolcattx says:

    I finally was able to get all gems to light up yesterday, and was disappointed that the “prize” is five balls. I wish the prize was something tangible because this game is hard!

    • constanceclume says:

      Props on getting all five gems lit! I’ve gotten to four so far, and I felt pretty accomplished for getting that many, lol. It is a fun challenge, for sure!

  6. sunnyten10 says:

    I wish you’d give us 5 balls. 3 goes way too fast. I still haven’t figured out where the green zone is. Is is the 2 round green things that bounce around in the upper part?

  7. kaye10 says:

    well…. well… putting this off… yes, i am as BAD at this as the real thing. oh no. oh my. lol is still fun–don’t take it too seriously. best, k.

  8. BeezKneez says:

    I think Sparky needs to update his arcade challenges. It’s always the same games, never any of the newer ones.

  9. horseshoe23 says:

    Where are the green and blue areas?

  10. Zooooooz says:

    Is there any skill involved to play KP?

    • FoxesRule612 says:

      As someone who used to play pinball on the Windows XP, there’s no skill, you just have to keep the ball from going outside of the unit!

    • beerfeet says:

      Absolutely! While you can’t bump the machine you must be ready with the flippers and depending where you hold the ball on the flipper before shooting it determines whether you can hit a specific zone. The red zone seems the most tricky to hit.

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