If YOU Were a Designer…

Hey Webkinz Fans, we’ve got a question for you! If you could play designer and makeover an area of Webkinz World, what area would you choose – and how would you change it? Just let us know your ideas in the comments section below. We’d love to hear what you think!

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  1. Chinchillagirl146 says:

    If I was a designer, I would re-model… The clubhouse, kinzville park, or the… kinzville academy. They need make-overs sooooooooooo bad! Especially th kinzville academey! All the time I’ve been on webkinz, (which is like, three years) it’s never changed! it’s getting kinda old… It would be cool if webkinz members could design a room and submit an entry for a contest! That would be fun!

  2. Alexaparty says:

    The adoption center needs sooooooo much changing.the furniture is drab. ms birdys clothes ick. the webkinz people have to fix it

  3. ALLYPALLY01 says:

    i would decorate the w shop because i would put lots of cool items like: pink, polka dotted cars, bright lamps, fashionable carpets. the rooms will be beautiful.

  4. Pantelone says:

    The resteraunt room should stay the way it is but what needs changing is the Curio Shop. UGH i get sooo bored going there!!!!!!!!!

  5. Boneleg says:

    The first place that came to my mind was Arte’s Curio Shop. I mean, don’t get me wrong, it’s nice now, rustic, exciting, you never know what you’re going to find! But is it possible we could also miss some things because they’re lost in all the rubble? Lol :) So yeah, maybe a little organization and remodeling could help Arte out!

  6. tinyturtle says:

    I think webkinz should have a spa. You could paint your webkinz nails and give them makeovers. You could also do their hair and once a day get a chance to win a rare item. To belong to the spa resort you would have to have a monthly pass that you could buy at the W shop for $50. Who likes this idea???

  7. Nikegirl3 says:

    Definitely the clubhouse resteraunt!!! I want to be able to buy food my pet can really eat!

  8. puppy says:

    i love thinkers idea

  9. sugarcookee says:

    I would do mazin hamsters and make way more daily games.

  10. lovespopstars says:

    If i were a designer, i would design furniture, rugs, and of course clothes!
    I would actually love to be a designer for webkinz!!!
    A light blue dress with sparkles. That would be to cute!!
    It would be nice to have the glam girl coat in blue!!! ( as you can see i like blue )
    Oh… It would be wonderful to be a designer!

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