If YOU Were a Designer…

Hey Webkinz Fans, we’ve got a question for you! If you could play designer and makeover an area of Webkinz World, what area would you choose – and how would you change it? Just let us know your ideas in the comments section below. We’d love to hear what you think!

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  1. RickNinja9 says:

    If I were to have any say or potential influence in terms of asthetics for webkinz I would likely suggest some sort of custom font, That’s something I think the developers could have a bit of fun with (first thing that comes to my mind and likely yours in terms of a hypothetical custom font is the W) another thing that could probably help is some sort of lighting in backgrounds and some rooms , (The pet and NPC model’s probably wouldn’t need anything unless they were in a dimly lit area,) this came to mind mostly becasue the general coloring is a little bit bright for my eyes, but this could also appeal to others in some way (Though the issue of it being bright could be fixed by me adjusting my monitor’s brightness and contrast settings so ethier one would work) a few areas that could come to my mind Like KinzVille academy(which could have a different design in the window depending on what the user’s clock says {that is if you are allowed to access the users clock atll), the login screen could have shadow’s under the trees and maybe under the treehouse, quizzy’s corner could have things done involving it’s lights, KinzStyle outlet , So on and so fourth, but these are just a few ideas that came to my mind,

    • RickNinja9 says:

      I hust thought of another thing, If Webkinz is played in a different window (this is another small idea) Maybe the option of adjusting the window size could be a nice little thing as well

  2. Madisen says:

    I think you could upgrade the Clubhouse! Like At the restaurant room you could take turns serving guests and if you sat down you would get a menu and click a food 30 secs later your pet would be eating! Like a horse would get a bib and a monkey would get a fork etc. what ever they could hold or use. And then their face would be messy so you would go to a sink and wash up and go to the bathroom ( if you made 1) and you would be able to have like kid menus for Lil kinz and a buffet menu for Webkinz!!! :D Like it?

  3. bianca says:

    this idea is very funny i like verry much this if you have any kinz cash for me i decide seriosly

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