Important Announcement: Contacting Customer Support


Please note that the Customer Support email address is available again, as our technical issues are now resolved.


If you have a Customer Support issue related to Webkinz, you can contact us by email ( or by submitting a ticket through our Support Page.You can access the Support Page by clicking here, selecting “Webkinz” and following the steps:


Thank you for your patience.



116 Responses to Important Announcement: Contacting Customer Support

  1. stephemine says:

    Hello! I have sent an email regarding the recovery of one of my old Webkinz accounts! It would mean the world to me if it could be possible to have my account back. I was never really told the reason why my account was disabled .

    • catdoganne23 says:

      I am also having the same issues as you, just waiting for their response. Problem is I’m trying to go through the Webkinz app on my computer and I cannot for the life of me remember a pet name I had. The last time I tried to access my account was 6-7 years ago. The account was made like 10 years ago, I just want to see my furry friends again because I miss them.

  2. crisila2 says:

    I have had no luck going though your customer support to solve my problem. I cannot get into one of my accounts. I try to use the forgot password and get a change of password email for a different account not the account I can’t get into. Please help.

  3. raybun says:

    I do not like the idea of having to pay for customer support and it is not just $1.00 one is signing up and then having to try and cancel later, Been through that before with another site and not doing it again, always difficult to cancel. j Soooooo disappointed with Webkinz. Since I can’t get on my accounts why bother with it? And it is too difficult to get help! Almost impossible now!

  4. jennabennaa123456789 says:

    I have been having some issues logging into my Webkinz account recently. I haven’t logged in, in a few years and now I am unable to. I contacted customer support through email and they haven’t got back to me. When I tried to log into my account it said that it no longer existed and the parents recovery email wasn’t linked to any account. The user name was nikowilson. I hope that I’ll be able to get help with my issue. Thank you!

  5. bembear10 says:

    1 of my sisters was recently trying to get on to webkinz and it asked her to change her password. When we filled out the form, it said “Unable to verify credentials”. How do we fix this?

    My other sister changed her password successfully, and forgot here new password. She doesn’t remember the parent we used for the parent email, and she ALSO needs help resetting a password (and I won’t let her forget it).

    Please help in anyway that you can,

  6. mmrdance says:

    Will you ever respond to support emails because ive been waiting weeks to a response for one and yet no help to the problems currently happening like I am not paying for a game that does this to me :(

  7. conann87 says:

    I deleted my other account permanently, but I still got charged the monthly fee after the account was deleted! How do I fix this?

  8. Whatzittooya333 says:

    Hi I have tried to get in contact for two weeks because there was a glitch in a pet adoption I made. I didn’t receive a room for my pet and that pet can’t go home. Please help it has been very frustrating emailing with no answer.

  9. westie4ever11 says:

    I have been trying to contact Webkinz Support since the end of April about a forgotten password. I still have not heard anything back from them. HELP!

  10. malomarbar says:

    I was wondering if there is any way to transfer pet medallions to a different account. I have recently obtained enough medallions for a panda, however I have 23 pets on this account so in order to ensure the best care I feel it would be best to have the panda on a different account. I have emailed the support email about this but I have not yet received a response. Thank you.

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