Introducing Baker: the SPACE CAMP®^ Webkinz!

NASA Space Camp Webkinz Plush Toy

Introducing Baker, the Squirrel Monkey: WEBKINZ pet at SPACE CAMP®^!


This new Webkinz™ pet has been made just for the U.S. Space & Rocket Center®^, home of Space Camp®^, and honors Miss Baker, one of the first animals that was launched into space! Adopting this pet will unlock an exclusive Space Camp®^ Challenge and a virtual Space  jacket that can be worn by your pet!


Baker will be blasting off at the end of April, but only in the gift shops of the U.S. Space and Rocket Center®^ in Huntsville, Alabama and at!


This astronomically adorable pet proves that Webkinz rules the galaxy!


Complete the Space Camp®^ Challenge to win these prizes:

  • Space Shuttle
  • Freeze Dried Bananas (not pictured)
  • Space Jacket
  • Mission Control Center
  • Space Center Flooring
  • Space Center Wallpaper
  • Space Cap


111 Responses to Introducing Baker: the SPACE CAMP®^ Webkinz!

  1. spongebobag says:

    Omg adorable I like how they honored N.a.s.a’s hard work in sending Able and Baker to outer space! I like his plushie coat the most!

  2. tinygma says:

    I just wish for the price of this monkey that 1 thing could be changed. I wish the wallpaper and flooring could be reused. :( Once used it cant be moved in case your home grows in a different direction. That to me is sad :( this is over $21.00 at Space Camp site. But very cute

  3. catekitten says:

    I think it would be nice if Ganz supplied what they offered on their site. They should have made a deal with the Space Center. Ganz should offer it as a virtual option and offered them part of the proceeds or donate part of the proceeds to real Space Camp for kids… or just camp for kids. Just an idea for the next time Ganz… But I love the monkey.

  4. pretty8 says:

    he is so cute wish i had him

  5. christyelle says:


  6. glitteringevening says:


  7. dragogirlliz says:

    SO COOL!

  8. asminer3118 says:

    omg soo cute! I am completly obsessed with space and i really want him!! :) :) ;) :D

  9. abolish says:

    I am so glad that I live really close to the Space and Rocket Center. It’s so cute so I can’t wait to get it

  10. Pinkl97 says:

    My daughter loves Space. This is really cool!

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