July’s Featured Pets

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  1. m11dolphin says:

    this doesn’t work for the treasure hunt

  2. WestyWindy says:

    What is going on with the treasure hunt???

  3. sharktooth0126 says:


  4. ChipperChirp says:

    I’m glad ganz is still making plush webkinz, but I wish they would make more unique pets.

  5. holihs10 says:

    i like the camo croc and i like the ribbon unicorn WUT I’M I SAYING I LOVE THEM ALL

  6. wintercrush says:

    Awe cute looking beaver. What a perfect plush for Canada’s 150th birthday. Might have to get one….. Happy July 1st Canada day everyone!

  7. ImaPepper says:

    Love the new pets; I thought the original ribbon unicorn had primary colored ribbons–I looked everywhere trying to find one when they came out, but none of the stores in my area had any. Really cute, hope I can find one this time around.

  8. Alphaowlbear says:

    Cheers to our Canadian neighbors on Canada Day! I’m sure it was more than a happy coincidence that a new July pet is a beaver. ;-)

  9. ferretfuzzbut says:

    Well I am usually the first to complain of pets we already have but in this case I think this beaver is cuter and he (she) is sitting up instead of standing. I like the pastel colors on this ribbon unicorn vs the bright colors on the original. I only wish someone at Ganz would address all of the comments that have been made by fans over the months (years?). If someone had just said, “Hey, we are bringing back old favorites for the newer players” then maybe people wouldn’t complain so much on here. But by not saying anything they have built a lot of resentment in older players from the look of it. I don’t have the originals of either of these and though I probably won’t get these either (I don’t want too many pets- too hard to play wit hall of them) it’s nice for players to have a chance at one they may have missed. (Although I hope we don’t get complaints like the beaver is slightly different so it’s not as good!)

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