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  1. jenvic says:

    unfortunately the money is in virtual pets now, they had a plush of the month club and now all of a sudden it’s a virtual pet of the month club also they are now offering bundles in the estore of pets from 1993, 1994 and 1995 i think

  2. berryswirl5566 says:

    cute animals

  3. doggiegear82 says:

    Teddy Bear BEAVER!!!! Looks sooo fuzzy, ordering 2 of them!

  4. ThatCatRollsInCash says:

    But there’s already a ribbon unicorn??!!??

  5. Beckinz8 says:

    I have an idea for a line of Webkinz plush. I was wondering if Ganz would consider making State animals and/or birds. For instance, they could have the Texas nine-banded armadillo, or Nevada’s desert bighorn sheep, or California’s quail, or even Minnesota’s common loon. (Although many states have the white-tailed deer as their animal, so I guess that would get confusing. And I don’t know if the provinces in Canada have the same kind of thing.) Well it’s just a suggestion to help get Ganz brainstorming for the future. Thanks for always trying to fill our lives and homes with more furry fun!

  6. robinroyal says:

    I want to thank griffoned for pointing out the remakes are giving newer players a chance at retired Webkinz. I hadn’t thought of that, and it is actually kind of nice That said, however, most of the time I find the remake not as cute as the original in its plush or virtual avatar. I wish they would have one remake and one new one for “older” players. That said, the ribbon unicorn is cute. It is one of my favorite unicorns. I bought it the first time around. I might have considered buying this version also if they had added wings as an incentive. I really would like another winged unicorn, plush or eStore.

    • Hyperborea2 says:

      There are retired Webkinz that I had (before they were retired) in a huge batch of codes I had in a backpack that was stole several years ago. So yes, there are webkinz I’d be very excited to have a chance at, especially if I really loved the re-color. And when I was pretty sure my guess of unicorn was right last week, I was excited about that. But then I have also seen a lot of people say that when they adopt a recast (or even because it exists in the system) the old versions are changing. And — as you say — some of the remakes are not as cute. They’re not the same, so they should not be retro’d into the same. I want this unicorn, but I don’t want to log in and find that Arianna (my original ribbon unicorn) is now identical twins with this one. I like Arianna for Arianna, I bought her for who she is. I’d feel a lot better forking out my very limited means for this one if I could be sure I was doing the same with her. Or him. Seems to me, people in design and people in programming need to have gotten together long looooong before new duplicates were heading to customers to verify compatibility and make sure they’d be able to co-exist in the system.

  7. WebkinzDragons says:

    I’m confused about the Unicorn. We already have the exact same pet with the exact same name! It even looks exactly the same! What’s up with that Ganz? I’d be nice if you could make more unique pets instead of remakes. I’ve been dying to see a Spinosaurus or a new plush dragon!

    • WebkinzDragons says:

      I agree! We already have a Ribbon Unicorn! It looks exactly the same! Honestly, this pet is a waste of time! It’s just a boring remake with little to no differences! I’m very disappointed!

    • kandykinz says:

      I feel exactly the same. Ganz is running out of ideas… I do not personally believe it to be possible to run low on creativity, but they are proving that it can happen. We have a beaver and a ribbon unicorn, both retired. I personally do like this beaver better because it is cuter, but I still like the original ribbon unicorn better. In the end, I love Webkinz and will still buy what is cute, even if I have the original version… I cannot help myself! I will buy the unicorn too!

      • 594nat says:

        Exactly! Even if they remake a pet it would be much less confusing if they at least gave it a different name. Like the new Chameleon, for example. They could have called it the Earth Chameleon or at least something other than “chameleon” (especially since we already have a Chameleon). I was really looking forward to this month’s new pets but I am very disappointed. There are still tons of pets that haven’t been made and would be awesome to see! (A Spinosaurus sounds really cool!) It’s like all their creativity went into making the virtual pets and none is left for new plush pets.

        • WebkinzDragons says:

          I agree greatly on that too! They put so much creativity into virtual pets but give us somewhat bland and boring remakes for plushies. I love Ganz dinosaurs and dragons and would love to see a new plush be made. It’s been years since the last one. And I don’t enjoy paying real money for a virtual pet! There are also plenty of real life pets that haven’t been made into pets on Webkinz. A Komodo dragon is something I really want to see!

    • Queen says:

      I was wondering about this too? The unicorn is cute but there is already one out there

  8. Elessar says:

    The beaver’s not bad. As for the unicorn – It’s best if I say nothing at all, because there isn’t anything about it I like. I would like to ask, though – What’s with all the remakes when there are so MANY (real, mythic and imagined) animals you don’t have?

    • WebkinzDragons says:

      I agree! We already have a ribbon Unicorn that looks exactly the same! Such a waste of an idea! We could of gotten something new! I’m very disappointed!

  9. webkinzsignature572 says:

    Is there no budget for a creative department at Ganz anymore? I’ve lost count on how many months of remakes it’s been, and it’s really sad to see what webkinz have become. I mean you aren’t even giving the remakes a new name anymore! Webkinz used to put out at least 5 UNIQUE new webkinz a month! Now it looks like you’ve gone through the old box of patterns pre-dating 2010 and are just slightly changing the colors for these “new” pets. Your fans are wanting to help by suggesting new pets that would sell, but you continue on with the remakes.

    • griffoned says:

      Webkinz doesn’t have the budget to make five Webkinz a month anymore. Webkinz knows that many people don’t like the remakes. But they can’t just change it right now, because Webkinz take about a year be created. They aren’t psychic. They don’t know whether we like the pets or not. We shouldn’t complain about the same thing every month.

      • Hyperborea2 says:

        Um well, yeah, we should. If we don’t say anything, and give opinions and suggestions for what we’d rather see marketed, how else will they know what direction to perhaps start planning in for future webkinz? As you yourself say, they aren’t psychic. Customer demand is very important.

      • kandykinz says:

        I do like and appreciate your thoughtfulness. I hope they do take the comments into consideration for next year’s pets!

    • kandykinz says:

      Exactly! Webkinz could go on for many more years with remakes… Boring! Webkinz is all about creativity… there are so many possibilities!

      • griffoned says:

        Yeah, but I think that’s enough for the past few months. You can always remind them, but it should be in a polite way. If you yourself have suggestions, why don’t you email them. Believe it or not, you can email suggestions to webkinzsupport@ganz.com for suggestions. I’ve done that before, and what they do is pass the suggestions on to the creative team. You’ll also get a response acknowledging that they’ve seen your ideas and might put them into consideration.

  10. zophiat070707 says:

    i love the ribbon unicorn

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