June CandyKinz Pet Is the Ice Cream Scoop Snail!

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June CandyKinz
Ice Cream Scoop Snail

The Ice Cream Scoop Snail is definitely the chilliest CandyKinz Pet to make its way to Webkinz World! The Snail keeps cool by lying in the shade of its Hot Fudge Willow Tree and munching on some Sprinkles and Cream Waffles!

Ice Cream Scoop
Hot Fudge Willow
Sprinkles and Cream

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Webkinz Candy Kinz Candy Factory Webkinz Candy Kinz Candy Town
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In January, we introduced the first Pet of the CandyKinz series… the Polar Gummy

Polar Gummy Chocolate Coin Pond Gummy Honey on Toast Giftbox

In February, CandyKinz pets continued to arrive with the Rock Candy Croc

Rock Candy
Rock Around the
Croc Clock
Hard Candy

In March, a new CandyKinz pet flew into Webkinz World: the Sugar Rush Butterfly

Sugar Rush Butterfly Super Sugar Swing Sweet Nectar Slushy Giftbox

In April, this sugary CandyKinz arrived: the Maple Moose

Webkinz Candy Kinz Maple Moose Webkinz Candy Kinz Maple Moose Webkinz Candy Kinz Maple Moose Webkinz Candy Kinz Maple Moose
Maple Moose Gourmet Cupcake Maker Maple Walnut Squares Gift Box

In May, we introduced the Mint Chocolate Cow CandyKinz Pet

cow cow cow cow
Mint Chocolate Cow Waffle Bowl Mixer Minty Fresh Fudge Gift Box

What CandyKinz Pet will be next?
Stay tuned for more sugary goodness! It’s confection perfection!

See these pets and more all at Ganz eStore!
Please note: Each CandyKinz Pet comes with one unique Special Item.

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  1. lillyluvie says:

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    :spade: :club: XD XD XD XD Hi i was trying out some new smiley faces!! ~LillyLuvie* :)

  3. rosie says:

    Soooooo adorable!!!I totally want to get it!!

  4. rippy11 says:

    I like all of them.

    I like all of them.

    I really want to get the maple moose and the mint chocolate cow.

    But I’m not deluxe.

  5. chelsea says:

    i want to get one so badly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Ro11767 says:

    They are going to be so cute

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    i wished i had one.

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