Picnic Recipe 1: Ants on a log








What you need:

-          Celery

-          Peanut butter

-          Raisins


What you do:

1.       Wash and cut the celery stalks into four or five inch lengths. Fill the hollow side of the celery stick with a line of peanut butter. Set your ants (raisins) into the peanut butter with a bit of space between each one.

2.       These are the best kind of ants to have at a picnic!

21 Responses to Picnic Recipe 1: Ants on a log

  1. Flare says:


  2. Zambialover says:

    Instead of raisins, try chocolate chips! I like them better!

  3. Golden Star says:

    I looks okay. ~ Golden Star~**

  4. CocaCola says:

    Yummy!..n it looks cute too!

  5. Anberlin says:

    its ok Cat. and ive had this recipe a hundred time b4. SOOO yummmy. and Cat, what breed of dog do u hav? and u really shouldnt feed it table scraps….

  6. Lizardlollypops says:

    WHOA that is funny!!!!!! I am rolling on floor laughing…. Good One!!

  7. ROFL says:

    Looks like my Guinea Pig got a little close to the celery. ROFL

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