Keep Collecting Acorns!


You still have until the end of the month to complete your collection… and if you do, you can play it again to earn extra prizes!



To access your collection, open the THINGS TO DO menu and click on the link to the Kinzville Map. Then, click on the acorn icon to open your collection.



Everyday, you’ll get 1 free acorn, just for clicking on the collection icon (Deluxe Members will get 2 free acorns a day).



You can get up to 5 more acorns throughout the day by asking your friends (by clicking the ASK FRIENDS button), or by finding and clicking on the floating acorn on (make sure you collect your free one first before trying to find one on Webkinz Newz).


Here’s a look at this year’s prizes:



Did you manage to complete your collection? Let us know in the comment section below…


35 Responses to Keep Collecting Acorns!

  1. asker1 says:

    I would like to see a preview of the collections in a finished room with walls and floors done!

  2. gml1939 says:

    I have never seen this problem mentioned, so it must be just me, and just me only (sigh). This is the 3rd collection event this weirdness has happened. I have several accounts so do not have to depend on outside help from other friends for the collections. For years I was able to get all the way thru, even 2 or 3 times, for each account. But now, my requests are sent, and they are received by the other accounts, but when I send the item (acorn) it is not received by the accounts. Therefore, I have not been able to finish the collection even once on my accounts. Occasionally one or two will show up, but very rarely. I have emailed but have not received a reply yet. Anyone have any idea what could be going on in my system of accounts???

    • ImaPepper says:

      Are you using the web version of Webkinz, or the app? If you’re using the app, it may be that you have to close the app in between accounts…like with the player appreciation prizes and stuff…something to try?

      • gml1939 says:

        No, I’m still using the browser. Google Chrome with No Ads works so well for me that I am sticking with that as long as I can. Thanks for your answer though. And that does give me an idea. I think I will use the Desktop App for a while and see. It may very well make a difference. Thanks!!

    • bear10201 says:

      If you are using the app make sure you “quit” and completely log out for each account.

    • symm0nne says:

      Is it possible that having the ads off is now blocking getting your acorns? I’m friends with a lot of folks who send me acorns on request, but never seem to want to collect them themselves. You can send 10 requests a day (for up to 5 acorns)… ask for more folks who play! Good luck!

  3. KSC says:

    I’m on my second round. Thank you to all my friends for your help!! – BlueMarlin2406

  4. ALI4499 says:

    I still think the bookshelf color clashes with the books on them, but these actually turned out really well, and I’m SO glad to get more bookshelves and chairs!! Always on the look out for items like these!

  5. carolinem says:

    If anyone needs help finishing their collection you can add me, I send requests back quickly! My user is KarolinaMoskal (:

  6. weibzihu says:

    I love all five pieces and I’ve started on my second set. They’ll go great in my library.

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