Keep Collecting Marshmallows!


How many Marshmallows have you collected so far? If you need a few more to complete your collection, there’s still time! You have until the end of July to try and collect all 50 Marshmallows.



Here’s how to play: Look for the Marshmallow Collection icon on your Kinzville Map and click on it to see your collection. Everyday, you’ll get 1 free Marshmallow, just for clicking on the Collection icon (Deluxe Members will get 2 free Marshmallows a day).



Once you have received your free Marshmallow, you can get 5 more throughout the day by asking your friends (by clicking the ASK FRIENDS button) or by finding and clicking on the floating Marshmallow on (make sure you collect your free one first before trying to find one on Webkinz Newz).


Need more friends to help you complete your collection? Click the ADD MORE FRIENDS button to see other players looking for friends and add them to your Friends List.


Here’s a closer look at each prize and how many Marshmallows you’ll need to get them:



Looking for a few more pieces of furniture to match your collection prizes? The Rustic Window and Antique Lounger are currently available in the W-Shop for eStore points. You’ll find them in the NEW & PROMOS section of the shop.



Remember, you can complete your Marshmallow Collection as many times as you like throughout July so, ask your friends for Marshmallows every day to earn extra prizes for your pets.


How many times have you managed to complete your collection? Let us know by leaving a comment in the section below…


21 Responses to Keep Collecting Marshmallows!

  1. rockhop7 says:

    I will only be able to get the picture and mirror. If anyone wants to give away their chair, 30 marshmallows, and or their desk, 40 marshmallows I would really appreciate that. Name is rockhop7. Thanks.


    Working on my 2nd set.

  3. goldwater007 says:

    Yay! I loved these items!

  4. julieperkins says:


  5. Beckinz8 says:

    Just finishing up my second. I’m looking forward to a third and maybe even part of a fourth. I usually don’t decorate with the collection pieces until after the event is over, and I see how many pieces I actually have to work with. (Although I already tried the painting and mirror in a hotel room that I was remodeling.) All of the prizes are very well designed, and I love all of the attention to detail. It’s interesting to see how the items have changed over the years. :)

  6. megamom12 says:

    I’ve only just finished my first time around. I’ve been crazy busy and have missed too many days.

  7. KarenaJ says:

    We are working on our third and fourth sets. We made an office out of the desks and we love it! What I am so excited about today is our Ying Yang Blossoms are working again, not disappearing into thin air! Yeah!!!

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