Kinzlet Milanese Mega Recipe Revealed!

Requiring 5 ingredients to solve it, the Mega Stove has some of the most difficult Secret Recipes in all of Webkinz World! Since so many have gone unsolved over the years, we’ve decided to throw a lifeline to all of our recipe detectives by revealing the solution for Kinzlet Milanese!


Use your Mega Stove to combine the following 5 ingredients:

  1. Baked Potato
  2. Cheeses
  3. Granola Cereal
  4. Hot Dog
  5. Pretzel


Combine them together and you’ll no longer get that sinking feeling when trying to make a Mega Stove recipe!





134 Responses to Kinzlet Milanese Mega Recipe Revealed!

  1. srstein11 says:

    EWWWW this looks awful especially the orange stuff oh and bye the way please friend srstein9,my9tail, and rainbowloombff on webkinz thanks

  2. webkinzlove1234 says:

    how do you make gak gunk

  3. kitkat555555 says:

    i almost got the stove, but i was like, “this looks TOO complicated…” now i wanna make green goo in it! gonna buy it next time i log in!

  4. LittlePie2003 says:

    How much kinzcash does the Mega Stove cost?!?!

  5. prprprprp says:

    Anyone want another Mega Stove recipe? I have some more!

  6. glitteringevening says:

    looks like the Titanic lol

  7. mamaeukey1 says:

    Does anyone have any other Mega Stove recipes? or any recently figured out? last 9 months? thanks truly appreciate

  8. PEBBLES1973 says:

    I’m trying very hard to save my kinzcash

  9. 67gfedcba says:

    AWESOME =D ;)

  10. blueberry875 says:

    That is cool but I don’t think I have enough kinz cash. :{

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