#KinzvilleHangout with Dorothy Lou & Mandy!

Dorothy Lou and Mandy are back in the park for another Kinzville hangout in Webkinz Next! On June 22, from 3 to 3:30pm you can join them for a fun get-together! Please remember to be polite, and try not to crowd so everyone can see the chat!


What: #Kinzvillehangout

When: 3pm – 3:30pm EST, Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Where: Kinzville Park


Dorothy Lou: Dorothy Lou Webkinz 1
Mandy: Mandy Webkinz 1



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29 Responses to #KinzvilleHangout with Dorothy Lou & Mandy!

  1. Zooooooz says:

    At least it’s 30 minutes and not never! :) I like the suggestion box at the Town Hall idea…I would suggest that the instructions for some arcade games include descriptions of the items we may see and earn (or lose!) points with, and maybe how much they are worth, or what happens if we hit them…I lost many games of Picnic figuring that out! (lego walls = bad) :D

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