Laphabet Oops: Mega Stove Secret Recipe Revealed!


Mega Stove recipes are notoriously difficult to solve because they require 5 ingredients instead of the usual 3, so today we’re finally revealing the previously unsolved puzzle known as Laphabet Oops!


Just pick up the following 5 ingredient foods from the Webkinz Classic WShop and then combine them on a Mega Stove (available in the “Kitchen” section of the WShop) to create this cool and colorful concoction!



Because this recipe has never been solved before, the first person who does will be awarded a Secret Chef Trophy!



Want to know about MORE Webkinz Secret Recipes? Check out our Secret Recipe archive here!



Have you discovered the stove recipes in Webkinz Next yet? They’re fun and easy to make!


Just click on a stove once you’ve added it to your room and it will show you a list of recipe foods. You can select any of these recipe foods to learn which ingredients are required.



Unlike Classic, some recipes may require multiples of a single ingredient.



Once you’ve added your ingredients, click the “Cook” button to make your recipe food.



It’s that easy! There’s lots of recipes to make, and even more recipes you can unlock! If you enjoy cooking and crafting, then you’ll love Webkinz Next!


What are some of YOUR favorite Mega Stove secret recipe foods? Let us know in the comments below!




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10 Responses to Laphabet Oops: Mega Stove Secret Recipe Revealed!

  1. zett says:

    How do we know if we win???

  2. megamom12 says:

    I was SO EXCITED to add a new recipe to my ‘cookbook’! I love to stay in Daisy’s Diner and ‘cook’ while I wait for Lucky during St. Patrick’s Day fun!

  3. zett says:

    I made it on grannyzett.

  4. oreo2947 says:

    Speaking of food. Where is the floating piece of pumpkin pie on here? It’s been missing for two days now.

    • bwholstein says:

      They are having technical issues and it was taken down to be fixed. Hopefully it will be back soon.

    • NWestern_RocknRollFan says:

      I clicked the floating pumpkin pie on Wednesday, and when I logged into my account, my message box said that I had been awarded “undefined pumpkin pie collectable”. When I went to my collection on the map, it gave me my automatic, daily slice of pie, and my count showed I had only collected one, so the floating pie I collected here didn’t even make it to my collection. I wonder if they took it down to fix that.

    • AuntietoEW says:

      Hello Oreo. There are updates on the “Start Collecting Pumpkin Pie” article. AuntietoEW

  5. zett says:

    zett I made it on granny 0207.

  6. mkd61_mkd says:

    Looks interesting for a snack

  7. 2002hun says:

    i did this as soon as this article came out and someone still beat me to it lol

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